10 Tips For Marketing Tape Hair

10 Tips For Marketing Tape Hair

Whether you’ve just started offering North Professional Hair Extension services or you’ve been using tape hair extensions for years, knowing how to effectively market a hair extension service can transform your business.  

Invest a little time in your salon’s marketing plan and you’ll soon reap the rewards. Not sure where to start? Use our ideas for marketing hair extensions in your salon to tempt new customers through the doors and keep them coming back time again...

1. Set up a selfie station


They say a picture is worth a thousand words and what better way to let your work speak for itself then with a selfie station? A trend that’s sweeping social media-savvy salons, a selfie station gives your clients the opportunity to take a fun snap of their beautiful locks once their appointment is over. Often, a client will post their selfie on social media, which can raise awareness of your hair extension services and encourage others to book, too.

Top tip: To set up your own selfie station, find a quiet corner and hang a picture-perfect backdrop or create your own flower wall. You can also set up a ring light to ensure the extensions you’ve just applied look their absolute best. Encourage your clients to take a snap of their hair at the selfie station and tag you on Instagram and Facebook.

2. Utilise social media

Does your hair salon have its own social media accounts? From hosting polls about what services you should introduce next, to posting before and after pictures, social media can help you build an online community, reach new clients and keep a running portfolio of your work.

Top tip: Take time to create crisp, high-quality imagery for your channels and use relevant hashtags to reach your desired audience. It’s also important to check you client is happy for you to share an image of them on social media, so be sure to get this confirmed during their appointment time.

3. Update your website

In this fast-paced industry, having an up-to-date website is essential. It can not only help people find you on search engines such as Google, but lend your salon an air of credibility when dealing with new clients.

Top tip: Be sure to have a current treatment menu and price list clearly visible, as well as information about what sets your hair extension service apart, a list of current opening hours and your salon’s contact information. 

4. Ask for reviews

Whether it’s eating at a restaurant or heading off on holiday, there’s no denying a glowing review has an impact on where we go. Boost your reputation by setting up a Google My Business page and ask happy clients to leave you a review. This not only adds a level of trustworthiness to your business, but helps potential clients feel confident you are the right salon for them.

Top tip: If you’re struggling to accumulate reviews, consider incentivising clients to do so. You could email them with the link to your review page and offer them a free hair style, blowdry or money off their next refit. 


5. Encourage referrals

When your client leaves the salon, they’ll likely be asked where they get their luscious, flowing locks fitted. Encourage them to talk about your service by offering them a discount (such as 15% off their next treatment) when they refer a friend; you’ll receive a stream of new customers, whilst rewarding the loyalty of your existing ones.

6. Create a video

Choosing a new salon for hair extensions can be a daunting task for clients, as they’re not only making an on-going investment but trusting you to convey their style and personality. Creating a video is a great way to put perspective customers at ease and let them know more about your unique approach.

What was once a rather costly endeavour is now much easier to achieve with free online video software. You could even use a freelance videographer to take the job off your hands. Consider filming a hair extension transformation in progress or inviting regular clients to give video testimonials. This will give your viewers a real insight into the unique service you offer and make them feel instantly at ease.

7. Host competitions

Perhaps you’re celebrating your salon’s 5th birthday or simply want to promote your new hair extension service to as many people as possible? A competition is an excellent way to gain new followers and build awareness of your salon.

Here are our tips for hosting a successful salon competition:

  • Start by deciding where your contest will be held; Instagram, Facebook or in the salon? 
  • Make your prize ultra-alluring to entice your target audience to enter
  • Make sure your competition aligns with your business goals. For instance, if you want to reach new potential clients, you may ask entrants to follow your page and share your post to be in with a chance of winning. Alternatively, your followers may have to tag a friend to enter
  • Make entry as simple as possible
  • Promote your competition whilst its running and have a clear end date
  • Use a disclaimer to state that the competition is in no way affiliated or sponsored by the channel it is being promoted on
  • Use a randomised selection tool to pick a winner
  • Always announce the winner

8. Collect client email addresses

Your client email list is one of the best resources you have, but do you use it? Sign up for an email platform such as Mailchimp, MailerLite or Benchmark to send out attractive newsletters for free. With research suggesting the average consumer receives 111 campaign emails a day, it’s essential your newsletters provide real value to your clients. 

Top tip:Take time to consider what content your clients will find useful. This could include promotional offers and new services, as well as important information around your opening hours, appointments or cancellation policies.  

9. Send thank you emails and reminders

Just because your client’s left the salon chair, it doesn’t mean your customer service has to stop. Sending a personalised thank you email can make your customers feel valued and appreciated. Consider combining this with a round-up of hair extension aftercare advice so that they have tips they can refer to between appointments.

Another idea for keeping your appointment book full and your clients happy is to send out appointment reminders in advance. Instead of waiting for your clients to re-book last-minute, drop them an email reminder encouraging them to secure an appointment and feel safe in the knowledge their next fitting is ready and waiting!

10. Clever displays

Let clients know more about North Professional hair extensions, without having to give an awkward sales pitch, by placing some tape extension wheels on each of your hair stations, as well as an attractive cylinder display on your reception desk. These beautiful hair extension pots make a great talking point, allowing you to effortlessly explain your services in a natural, conversational way.

Top tip: During your client’s appointment time, you have a captive audience that will want to know your expert advice. Instead of shying away from ‘selling’ a hair extension service, keep in mind that by letting people know about all of the hair solutions available to them, you’re better serving your client and their needs.