10 Tips For Marketing Your Tape Extension Service

10 Tips For Marketing Your Tape Extension Service

Whether you’ve just started using North Professional Hair tapes or you’ve been offering extension services for years, knowing how to effectively market hair extensions can transform your business. Invest a little time in your salon’s marketing plan and you’ll soon reap the rewards!

As your trusted tape extension brand, when you grow, we grow with you. Part of our commitment to you, our customers, is to help support your business growth from the moment you start stocking North tape extensions. 

One of the ways we do this is by writing articles, just like this one! Keep reading this blog for our top 10 ideas for marketing hair extensions in your salon, to tempt new customers through the doors and keep them coming back time again...


1. Utilise social media

Does your hair salon have its own social media accounts?

Social media, especially Instagram and Tiktok, aren’t just a place to showcase your work. These days, social media acts as a portfolio of your work, reaching out (through your followers and the infamous algorithms) to the brands you work with and prospective new clients. 

It’s also a place to be a part of and build a community. Many hair professionals learn tips and tricks from each other on social media, with specialised Facebook groups and dedicated accounts to sharing the latest ‘hacks’. 

Go viral with these top tips: 

  • Take time to create crisp, high-quality imagery and videos for your channels. A quick snap really won’t do it anymore! 
  • Keep an eye on trending sounds to add to your Instagram reels and Tiktok videos. 
  • Use relevant hashtags to reach your desired audience, without spamming your caption or comment section - 5 seems to be the perfect number! 
  • Post daily to keep your followers (and the algorithm) engaged with your content. 
  • Mix up your Instagram feed with images, reels and carousel posts - don’t become comfortable, as that can become boring. 
  • Interactive stories, such as polls, question time and ratings, are fantastic ways to boost engagement. 
  • If possible, get your account verified! This shows your account to be a trusted source, whether that be sharing information or posting hair inspirations. 
  • Make sure your client is happy for you to share an image of them on social media, before doing so. 


2. Create a video

Choosing a new salon for hair extensions can be a daunting task for clients, as they’re not only making an ongoing investment in your services, but also trusting you to convey their style and personality with their precious hair. 

Creating a video is a great way to put prospective customers at ease and let them know more about your unique approach and what sets your salon and services apart from others.  What was once a rather costly endeavour is now much easier to achieve with free online video software, a tripod and a ring light! 

Best salon moments to capture on video:

  • Tutorials 
  • Before and after transformations
  • Day in the life content 
  • Behind the scenes 
  • ASMR 

3. Set up a selfie station

    If they say a picture is worth a thousand words, then what better way to let your work speak for itself than with a selfie station? 

    A trend that’s sweeping social media-savvy salons, selfie stations give your clients the opportunity to take a fun snap of their beautiful locks once their appointment is over. Often,  this leads to clients posting their picture on social media and tagging your salon, which organically showcases your services - also known as ‘word of mouth marketing’. 

    You can then also, with permission, repost these images on your own social media; content created for your salon, without you having to do any of the work!

    How to make a selfie station work in your salon: 

    • To set up your own selfie station, find a quiet corner in your salon with fab lighting and hang a picture-perfect backdrop or create an Insta-worthy flower wall. 
    • We also recommend setting up a ring light to ensure the extensions you’ve just applied look their absolute best. 
    • If you don’t have the space for a selfie station, why not a selfie mirror? This could be a specific mirror on a wall in your salon, or just stickers on the mirrors in front of the chairs where you exclusively fit tape extensions. Mirror stickers are a great way to market your brand! 
    • Make sure to encourage your clients to take a snap of their hair at the selfie station and tag you on Instagram and Facebook.

    4. Host competitions

      Wanting a new way to engage your audience, promote your services or celebrate a milestone in your salon? These are all perfect reasons to host competitions! 

      Competitions are one of the easiest ways to gain new followers, boost engagement and get people talking about your business. They very quickly make your salon both alluring and exciting, and encourage entrants to check out your services whilst they wait for the results. 

      Top tips for hosting a successful salon competition:

      • Start by deciding where your contest will be held - we’d recommend social media to get a real boost in social engagement. 
      • Make your prize ultra-alluring to entice your target audience - a sample-sized bottle of shampoo isn’t going to make people enter.
      • Make entry as simple as possible, but will make the most impact on your business - most online competitions ask entrants to like, comment and share. 
      • Continue to promote your competition whilst it’s running, alongside your other content 
      • Have a clear end date and when the results will be announced. 
      • Use a disclaimer to state that the competition is in no way affiliated with or sponsored by the channel it is being promoted on.
      • Use a randomised selection tool to pick a winner, to avoid speculation of a ‘fix’.
      • Always announce the winner!

      5. Update your website

        In this fast-paced industry, having an up-to-date website is essential. 

        Websites not only help people find you on search engines, such as Google, but they give your salon a sense of professionalism and credibility to brands and prospective new clients. Websites should be the professional expansion of your social media accounts, with all the information anyone should need about your salon, in a clear, easy-to-read layout. 

        Must-haves on your website: 

        • Current treatment menu and price list are clearly visible
        • Information about what sets your hair extension service apart
        • List of current opening hours
        • Your salon’s contact information
        • Example work 
        • Brands you work with 
        • Any salon achievements (awards, notable mentions, etc.)
        • FAQ page 
        • Links to social media platforms 
        • Client testimonials
        • Salon policies 

        6. Ask for reviews

          Whether it’s eating at a restaurant or heading off on holiday, there’s no denying a glowing review has an impact on where we go. 

          Boost your reputation by setting up a Google My Business page and ask happy clients to leave you a review. Also keep an eye out for other review platforms, such as Yelp and TrustPilot. This not only adds a level of trustworthiness to your business, but helps potential clients and brands feel confident you are the right salon for them. 

          How to own your reviews: 

          • If you’re struggling to accumulate reviews, consider incentivising clients to do so - such as entering a prize draw or receiving a discount or freebie.
          • Post your reviews and showcase your star rating on your website and social media, so that prospective clients can see what other customers thought of your services.
          • Don’t shy away from posting reviews that offer areas for improvement or that are less than 5 stars. No one is perfect - be real!
          • Reply to your reviews - good and bad! This shows pride, professionalism and accountability to anyone who searches for your salon. 

          7. Encourage referrals

            Like with your clients posting you on social media, talking about your services with their friends, family, colleagues and just simply anyone who comments on their hair could bring you a lot of business. 

            Word of mouth is one of the best ways to promote your services, and happy customers like to talk and share! Ask your clients to refer people to you, whether that is super casually in conversation or directly at the end of the service. 

            The best ways to get client referrals:

            • Incentivise your clients to refer people to you with a ‘refer a friend’ scheme! Offer a deal, discount or freebie for each person that mentions them by name when they book with you. 
            • Have incentives for the referred clients too, if the above isn’t working. ‘Bring a friend’ offers, such as BOGOF, encourage old clients to bring a friend so they both receive a discount. 

            8. Collect client email addresses

              Your client email list is one of the best resources you have, but how do you use it? 

              Email newsletters are a super simple yet effective and professional way to keep in touch with your clients. Sign up for an email platform such as Mailchimp, MailerLite or Benchmark to send out attractive newsletters for free! 

              You can also use your clients’ email addresses to contact them. Send thank you emails, aftercare advice, appointment reminders and review requests! 

              How to keep your customer emails engaging:

              • Take time to consider what content your clients will find useful! This could include promotional offers and new services, as well as important information about your opening hours, appointments or cancellation policies.  
              • Keep your emails short and sweet - your customers need eye-catching content that is straight to the point! 
              • Make your branding noticeable! Logos, colour schemes and key phrases make your salon recognisable without the client having to read into the content. If they recognise you, they’ll trust you.  

              9. Clever displays

                Let clients know more about your tape extensions services, without having to give an awkward sales pitch! 

                Keep eye-catching marketing materials, such as window stickers, tent talkers and colour rings on display around your clients. This could be at your chair or a dedicated display that no one can miss (such as in your waiting area or by the backwash). 

                How displays can get you all talking: 

                • Try to catch your clients looking at the display and bring it up, by saying something like ‘I saw you looking at the display. Are you interested in tape extensions?’ 
                • When discussing your client’s hair needs and goals, don’t be afraid to tell them how tape extensions could help them get there. 
                • Ask your clients questions about their hair history, including if they’ve ever worn tape extensions before. Question their answers, like ‘Why did you stop wearing them?’ or ‘Why have you never considered tapes?’. 

                10. Wear tape extensions yourself 

                  Ask yourself, would you ever believe someone vouching for a product that they've never used? You wouldn't, so why should your clients? 

                  Wearing the tape extensions yourself allows you to be a walking advertisement for your services. It shows that you trust and believe in the product and service you are selling, which will speak volumes in your salon. 

                  How to get your clients to notice your hair:

                  • Keep your hair looking put together at all times - clients will notice if your hair is looking nice and, typically, complement it. 
                  • Flick your hair around or play with it - movement will be eye-catching for your clients. 
                  • Switch up the colour - this may feel like a very brave move, but you can do it with just the tapes (which you know are removable). Nothing says ‘Did you do something different to your hair?’ like colour. 
                  • Gossip like it’s a secret - ask your clients ‘Can you notice I’m wearing tape extensions?’ and make it sound amazing!

                  Get ready to showcase your services!

                  You came to this article looking for ways to effectively market your tape extension services, to increase client retention and boost your sales. Since ready, you have learnt about our top 10 ways to market your services, including top tips to make each way incredibly effective. 

                  What now? 

                  North Professional Hair is committed to supporting your business growth, whether that be providing you with high-quality, trusted products, educational training days or informative articles, just like this one. When your business grows, we grow with you! 

                  Invest in North training 

                  Whether you’ve been offering tape extensions for years or are brand new to the game, North’s training days offer invaluable insights, skills and education - direct from your trusted tape extension brand. 

                  North’s educators are leading industry professionals, who not only specialise in tape extensions, but also within the development of our products and services. Learn from the best the industry has to offer when you join a North training day. 

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