Professional FAQ's

1. How is Tape Hair fitted?

The tape application is a discrete and comfortable professional hair extension application method. It involves sandwiching a small section of hair between 2 tape pieces. The tape method requires no heating, gluing or weaving. For training enquiries please get in touch. 

2. How much do they weigh?

North Professional Tapes are sold in 40g sets. Each pot contains 20 pieces (10 sandwiches) weighing 2 grams each. 

3. What grade is the hair?

North Professional Hair is double drawn, cuticle correct 100% Remy. 

4. How long will the hair last?

With the correct aftercare and maintenance the hair will last between 6-12 months. However the duration of the hair can be compromised if the client has a certain lifestyle, such as, regular sweating at the gym/exercising, failure to use recommended products, conditioning the root, unable to commit to maintenance appointments, sun-bed users, swimming in chlorine, failure to protect the hair from extreme heat. 

5. How many pots will I need?

We recommend x1 pot for thickness, x2 pots for length and thickness and x3 pots for a full transformation. 

6. Can the be re-used?

Yes the tapes can be removed and refitted serval times, we stock high quality removers and new tape to prepare the hair for refitting. 

7. Can they be coloured darker? 

Yes, the tapes can be coloured darker or toned, however the results can vary depending on the quality of the dye and the method, therefor any type of colouring or toning on our hair will void the tape warranty. 

8. Can they be bleached?

No, harsh bleaching chemicals are not recommended on our hair. 

9. How often will they require a re-fit?

This depends on how fast the client's hair grows, but usually a re-fit is needed between 4-8 weeks. 

10. Are the recommended for clients suffering hair loss?

No, we would not recommend using on women with hair loss.


Client FAQ's

1. Can I fit them on myself? 

North Tapes are very simple to apply and remove, however they must be fitted by a professional.  

2. Will the tape slip or fall out? 

North Tapes will not slip or fall out if fitted correctly.

3. Are tapes comfortable?

North Tapes are completely pain free. 

4. Do tapes cause any damage?

North Tapes cause minimal stress on the hair and scalp. 

5. Does the hair shed?

There is minimal amount of shedding with North Tapes however you will notice a small amount, - natural shedding will occur over time due to brushing and styling. 

6. Who are they for?

Tapes are suitable for most people however speak to your professional if you have any type of skin or scalp condition. 

7. How do I match my colour?

Your professional will choose your blend often using 1-3 shades from our bespoke colour range. 

8. How do I remove them?

The tapes will be removed at a salon appointment by a professional using our removal products. 

9. How do I wash them?

Sulphate free shampoo and conditioner. 

10. Can they be washed in silver shampoo?

Yes, however results can be unpredictable depending on the quality of the shampoo, therefor any use of silver shampoo will void the hair warranty. 

11. Can the hair be styled with heat?

Yes, however we recommend limiting heat temperature to no more than 180degrees and limit frequency to once per week. 

12. Can they be permed?


13. Can Kerastraight treatment be applied?

Yes, however this is done at your own risk. Any treatment will void hair warranty. 

14. How are they different from other methods?

The tape method is extremely popular as you can obtain all the benefits of extensions such as length and thickness with minimal stress on the hair and no bulky results. 

15. Are they noticeable?

No, they are extremely discreet. 

16. Can they be washed?

Yes but avoid the tape area.

17. Can I go swimming wearing the tapes?

Yes but the all of the hair should be protected by a swimming cap. The harsh chlorine found in pool water will damage the extensions. 

18. Can I sleep with the hair wet?

No, we don't recommend sleeping with the hair wet. 

19. Can I tie my hair up while using tape extensions?

Yes, the hair can be tied up.  




















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