Can you fit human tape hair extensions in curly hair?

Can you fit human tape hair extensions in curly hair?

One common question that people with curly hair may have when considering tape hair extensions is whether or not they will be able to wear them. The good news is that yes, you can fit human tape hair extensions in curly hair! While the process may require a bit more care and attention than straight hair, blending tape extensions seamlessly into your curly locks is possible. But How?


How do you consult for tape hair extension fitting?

Before proceeding with tape-in hair extensions, it is important to ensure that your client meets the requirements and is a suitable candidate. To guide you through this step, we recommend using our client consulting cards during the consultation process. 

As part of the consultation, it is necessary to have a thorough discussion with your client to maintain professionalism, provide insurance coverage, and ensure that all key factors are considered. These factors include verifying that your client has at least 6 inches of hair from the root, and confirming that they are committed to attending maintenance appointments. 

It is also important to enquire about your client's lifestyle to determine the most suitable tape placement. Consider asking questions such as: Do they usually wear their hair up or down? How do they style their hair after washing? What products and tools do they use at home? 

If your client has curly hair, it is crucial to determine whether they prefer to leave their hair naturally curly or if they usually blow dry or straighten it. This information will help you to explain the kind of maintenance required and whether they are a good fit for human hair extensions.



Addressing your client's hair type

If your client has curly hair, they may have been told that they cannot have smooth Remy tape hair extensions fitted because they won't blend well with their natural hair. This can leave them with few affordable options as curly tape hair extensions are limited in the industry. Therefore, it's important to first understand the client's curl pattern and how they manage their curly hair at home. This will help us determine if tape extensions are manageable for the client and if they will blend well with their natural hair once fitted.

If your client has straight hair 1A-Fine, Straight 1B-Medium, Straight with volume, 1C-Coarse Straight difficult hair"We highly recommend using them for tape extensions." 

If your client has wavy hair 2A-fine ‘S’ pattern, 2B-medium frizzy ‘S’ pattern, or 2C-coarse Very frizzy ‘S’ pattern "We highly recommend that they are suitable for tape extensions."

If your client has curly hair 3A-fine soft curl, 3B-medium loose curl, and 3c-coarse tight curl We recommend that North Tape Extensions are moderately suitable. However, fitting them would require more maintenance, preparation and styling.

If your client has Very curly hair 4A-Fine tightly coiled curl pattern, 4B-medium, ‘Z’ pattern
and spring curl, 4C-coarse tight ‘Z’ pattern "We recommend that North Tape Extension should not be used unless the hair has been chemically straightened to soften the pattern before installation. This is because North professional hair tape in hair extensions is designed for straight styles and would not align with tight curls. If the recommended preparation isn't followed, it could cause matting."

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Preparation when installing tape hair on different hair types

Once you have determined your client's hair type, you should discuss any necessary preparations before fitting the extensions. We always recommend applying North Professional Hair tape extensions to clean, freshly washed hair. For clients with category 4 curly hair, we advise performing any chemical smoothing treatments at least 7 days before the tape installation. If your client's curl pattern falls within category 3, they may require a smoothing keratin treatment to help relax the frizz. This treatment typically takes 30 minutes, after which you can wash and blow dry the hair before installing the tape hair extensions. However, this is a time-consuming appointment as it involves both services. For clients with category 2 hair, a wash and blow dry before the installation is sufficient and can be done either at the salon or at home before arriving. Lastly, for clients with category 1 hair, minimal preparation is needed before installing the tape hair extensions. You just need to ensure that the hair lies flat and smooth at the root area for a seamless installation.


Guide to Hair Extensions For Women With Curly Hair

If you are considering trying hair extensions and have curly hair, you might want to add length, thickness, or both. However, you may be concerned about how to manage them and how they will look. When working with your chosen extensionist professional, you will need to follow our guide above to prepare and maintain your curly hair while wearing smoother tape hair extensions. You may already be smoothing out your curls with a hairdryer or hair straighteners as part of your daily/weekly routine. In this case, you may find tape-in hair extensions helpful to keep your hair smoother while blending your curls out for a smoother look easily. They will also help protect your hair from the excessive heat that you may currently use to create smoother locks. Always use salon professional products to protect your hair as excessive heat can cause the tapes to alter in colour and condition. We recommend using the Smooth Wash & Rinse by Kevin Murphy, along with the Heated Defense Spray and Young Again oil. This combo will keep your tapes lasting longer, saving you money in the long run.

If you have naturally straight hair and wish to wear tape-in hair extensions, it's a great option for you as they blend in smoothly with your natural hair. However, if your hair is naturally curly and you want to keep it that way, then tape-in hair extensions with a smooth texture will not work for you. The reason behind this is that straight hair extensions will not match the natural curl pattern of your hair, leading to an unblended look. But, don't worry, there are still ways around this. You can opt for a professional perm on the tape in hair extensions to have them mimic your natural curl pattern. This solution may make the hair slightly more coarse and void the warranty on the product. Alternatively, you could use a heated tool like a chopstick curler to curl the smooth tape in extensions to match your natural curls. However, this would require more time and effort and would need to be repeated each time you style your hair.


How to choose the perfect hair extension specialist for curly hair

If you have been hesitant to offer tape-in hair extension services to clients with curly hair, this blog may help you gain confidence and expand your clientele. As a customer, you may be looking for a professional who is knowledgeable about tape-in hair extensions for curly hair. We offer training days for professionals to ensure that they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to offer this service at a high standard. If you are an end consumer looking for a salon that provides tape-in hair extension services, you can check our salon locator on our website to schedule a consultation.


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