Common Tape Extension Problems

Common Tape Extension Problems

Thinking of investing in tape extensions, either for yourself or your salon? Educating yourself on everything tapes, including common problems you may face, is your first step to the luscious lock reality you’ve been looking for. 

Here at North Professional Hair, we’re not just an industry professional tape extension brand - we’re also educators. Whilst training with North may not be up there on your things to do right now, educating yourself with North isn’t a hard thing to do in the meantime. Check out our North Blog for more educational content, just like this article. 

In this educational snippet, you will learn about common tape extension problems, their causes, how to rectify them and what help your stylist should be able to offer. By the end, you will feel far more confident and familiar with tape extension problems, helping secure them as your go-to extension method.


Why are my tape extensions slipping?

It is a very common occurrence for tapes to become loose, and it’s not always something you or your stylist have done wrong to cause it - the answer could be as simple as your tapes needing to be refitted. Tape extensions should be refitted every 6-8 weeks depending on your hair growth rate, lifestyle and commitment to aftercare. 

However, there are other avoidable ways in which your tapes could become loose. 

One reason could be that the adhesive in the tape tab has started to lose its stickiness, due to the products you are using. Products that contain sulphates, silicones and oils are heavily recommended to be avoided when you have tape extensions, especially anywhere near your scalp, as these can cause the adhesive to lift. 

Another reason could be that your stylist has accidentally sandwiched the tape extensions around too big of a slice of hair. If there is too much hair between the tape tabs, the adhesive cannot grip it all and can cause your extensions to become loose and slip out of your hair. 

A further reason as to why your tapes have become loose could be that your tapes have expired. Generally, once the tapes have been manufactured, they have a sell-by date of 3 to 6 months - after which the quality of the adhesive cannot be assured. At North, we stock Walker Tape and have strict measures in place to ensure our tapes are sold in date.

If you have any concerns, reach out to your stylist and ask them to check it out. 

Why are my tape extensions colour fading?

Your tape extension’s colour fading can be a completely natural process, which happens over time. Remember that tape extensions are made of human hair, and as such, they behave in the exact same way your own hair does. 

However, there can be some factors that will speed up this process and/or ultimately cause it to happen. The most common factors include:

  • Hard water
  • Chlorine 
  • Saltwater
  • Suncream
  • UV rays
  • Dyes in hair products 
  • Harsh shampoos 
  • Washing hair in hot water 
  • Styling damage from hot tools

Talking to your stylist and having them assess both your hair and your lifestyle will help you narrow down where your colour change may be coming from. 

Why are my tape extensions changing colour?

A common problem many women with tape extensions face, especially in the summertime, is their tape extensions actually changing colour - not just fading or turning brassy. If you have blonde hair, you know that we’re talking about it turning pink!

Whilst dyes in hair products seem like the easiest explanation for the colour change, a chemical reaction is actually more common (yet less suspecting). When the tape extensions are exposed to artifical chemicals, a reaction occurs and even the highest quality hair can turn orange or pink. 

Artifical chemicals found in suncreams are added to absorb UV rays. When these chemicals absorb the UV rays on the hair, this causes a reaction that causes the cells in the hair to break down and changes its colour. 

To avoid this reaction, we firmly recommend avoiding suncreams and other products that contain artifical chemicals, in favour of natural or mineral-based products. If this reaction occurs, book in with your stylist to see if they can rectify the problem. 

Both Malibu C’s Hard Water Wellness Shampoo 33.8oz (RRP £31) and Swimmers Wellness Remedy 0.17oz (RRP £4.25+VAT) have been known to help remove the discolouration from this type of chemical reaction.

Why do my tape extensions visible?

Sometimes, your tape extension installation can look extremely obvious. One simple reason for this could be that your tapes are outgrown and need to be refitted higher, towards your scalp. 

However, there could be other reasons as to why you have an obvious install. 

Your hair may be extremely thin, short or damaged, which in some cases, cannot hide even the most invisible-looking tape extensions. If this is the case, talk to your stylist about changing the placement of your tape extensions or waiting until your natural hair has grown more. 

Another reason could be that your colour match doesn’t match. Maybe the colour faded, you’ve changed the colour of your natural hair or the colour match wasn’t right to begin with. Book an appointment with your stylist about ways to blend the hair you’ve already purchased or about buying some new extensions. 

A further reason that your installation looks obvious could be that your stylist accidentally misplaced your extensions, around your head, when fitting them. Ensure you always visit a trained, experienced professional for any extension fitting. 

For any concerns about obvious installations, talk to your stylists and ask for their assessment and advice.

Why is my hair falling out after getting tape extensions installed?

When you have tape extensions installed, you may notice additional hair loss or breakage. More commonly, this isn’t loss or breakage at all, but natural hair shedding that is noticed at your refit or removal appointment. 

However, as with all extension methods, additional hair loss or breakage may occur. It is to be noted, though, that tape extensions are one of the safest methods to use - especially for clients with very fine or damaged hair. 

Hair loss or breakage can occur when you haven’t been following your aftercare instructions properly. See our article on aftercare, here. It can also occur when you aren’t keeping up with your maintenance or refit appointments, as scheduled. 

Another reason you may notice additional hair loss or breakage is if your tapes were not properly installed and removed. You must ensure to always visit a trained, experienced stylist when having your extensions fitted and removed - and we strongly recommend never doing it yourself. 
If you have any worries about additional hair loss or breakage, share your concerns with your stylist. They may be able to pinpoint the cause and/or offer some advice to help. 

Your Next Steps

You came to this article with an interest in investing in tape extensions, either for yourself or your salon, and wanted educating on common problems that may occur. Now, you are aware of the five most common tape extension problems - loose tapes, colour fade, colour change, obvious installation, and additional hair loss/breakage - including cause and prevention. 

But what now?

Here at North Professional Hair, we are committed to being top industry educators, as well as a tape extension brand. We strive to educate and inform our customers and end-result clients, ensuring that tape extensions are the best possible investment for them. 

And for that very reason, we write blogs like this one. Check out our North Blog for more educational and informational content, with both end-result client and industry professional focus - the answer to your question is sure to be there! 

On the rare occasion you can’t find the answer you're looking for, contact our dedicated customer service team on 0161 791 2726

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