Everything You Need To Know About Mini Tape Hair Extensions

Everything You Need To Know About Mini Tape Hair Extensions

You asked and we delivered…

Now introducing our brand new North Mini Tapes!

At North Professional Hair, we are constantly developing our range to meet the needs of all of our diverse North customers - and we take your feedback on board! We’ve heard you asking for tape extensions that are half the size of regular ones, so that you can build out your services and provide solutions for every client that walks through your doors - and we made it happen. 

In this article, you will learn what mini tape hair extensions are, what makes them different from regular-sized tape extensions, their benefits and which clients will benefit from them, how to use and blend them, and how to promote them in your salon. 

By the end, you will be running to stock up and make North Mini Tapes your next most profitable service!

What are mini tape hair extensions?

Mini tape hair extensions are half-sized tape extensions, designed to fit into small spaces of your client’s hair, that need an extra boost of volume or length - right where your regular-sized ones are too big, bulky or just simply will not fit! 

How are mini tape hair extensions different from regular-sized tape extensions?

Mini tape hair extensions are different to regular-sized tapes simply because they are half the size! North Mini Tapes are half the width of our regular-sized tape extensions, as well as half the weight. 

Another difference between our Mini Tapes and regular-sized collection is that these will only be available in our Invisible range, to help them seamlessly blend into the hair, including in areas of sparsity or thinness. 


Why can't you not just cut regular-sized tape extensions in half?

The main reason we have created Mini Tapes at North Professional Hair is because stylists like yourself have been asking for them! We’ve heard of a lot of stylists feeling the need to cut tapes in half in order to provide more custom services for their clients, and mini tapes take this need away! 

You should avoid cutting your regular-sized tape extensions in half because once you do, the raw edges cause the extension hair to shed. As our Mini Tapes are pre-made, they are secure at both ends of the tape tab and do not run the risk of shedding.


What are the benefits of mini tape hair extensions?

Mini tape hair extensions have a range of amazing benefits, making both your life as a tape specialist easier and allowing you to provide more services and solutions for your clients. 

Sometimes, our clients have small spaces in their installation pattern that would benefit from an extra bit of hair, but regular-sized tapes just will not fit. Here, Mini Tapes can fill in these spaces, allowing you to give your client a full installation and really be able to maximise on volume and/or length. 

Other times, we may meet with clients who experience hair thinning, hair loss or sparsity in the hairline. Whilst these clients may not want a full head of tape extensions, Mini Tapes can blend naturally into the hair and provide an extra boost of thickness where needed. Plus, due to their smaller width and lighter weight, they weigh down less on shorter hair and pose less risk of tension damage. 

Another benefit of Mini Tapes is that due to their invisible design and smaller width, they are more suitable for women who often wear their hair up. This is because the Mini Tapes are easily disguisable into the client's hair and can blend far more seamlessly. 

Furthermore, Mini Tapes are a great way to help your clients try out how they would manage the commitment to tape extensions, without first committing to a full head of regular-sized tapes. This is because they can be added to small ‘problem’ areas, without installing any normal-sized tapes. 

Mini Tapes can be added onto any of your usual services, without having to book your client in for a full installation. See below if any of your clients would benefit from adding on a Mini Tape service to their next appointment, and talk to them about how Mini Tapes could improve the look of their hair!

However, the one downside to mini hair tape extensions is that they need to be refitted more regularly than regular-sized tapes. This is because they're designed to be fitted on less or finer hair, which can cause them to slip quicker. For Mini Tapes, we recommend refitting every 4 to 6 weeks. 


Who do mini tape hair extensions benefit?

North Mini Tapes would benefit clients who:

  • Have a lot of hair and need more tapes for a full-head installation
  • Experience hair thinning or hair loss 
  • Have thinness or sparsity around their hairline 
  • Want an additional boost of volume without wanting a full head installation
  • Would like to try tape extensions without a full commitment 

If you feel like any of your clients fit into these categories, talk to them about Mini Tapes. As they are so new to the market, many of your clients may not realise this is an option until you start offering the service!

How to use mini tape hair extensions:

Whilst North Mini Tapes are new to the market, how to use them will not be a new concept for any tape extension specialist! 

How to install and remove Mini Tapes:

North Mini Tapes are installed and removed just as you would any other tape extension! 

To install, simply sandwich the two tape extensions together over and under a piece of your client’s natural hair and secure it with your professional pliers

To remove, use an alcohol-based tape extension remover between the two tape tabs and the end of your comb to release the adhesive tapes from the hair (and then use an oil-based remover, if necessary). 

How to re-tape Mini Tapes:

However, you may get confused when it comes to re-taping your Mini Tapes. 

To re-tape your Mini Tapes, you need to use our regular-sized North Replacement Tapes. As our Mini Tapes are exactly half the width of our regular tapes, simply cut the replacement tape tabs in half and re-tape as usual! 

How to blend mini tape hair extensions:

Though the actual process of installing mini tape hair extensions is the same as regular-sized tapes, you would not install them in the same pattern. You would never install a full head of Mini Tapes, as this is simply a waste of time. 

Mini Tapes should be used as hair fillers - whether that be to fill spaces in between your regular-sized tapes or to fill in spaces in the natural hair where your client is experiencing thin hair or sparsity. 

Due to their lighter weight, smaller width and invisible design, Mini Tapes should blend into your client’s hair and be completely unnoticeable. 

How to promote mini tape hair extensions in your salon:

The way you promote North Mini Tapes in your salon will be completely different to how you usually promote your tape extension services. 

You’ll want to promote Mini Tapes directly appealing to women with problem hair who will benefit from them - not just your usual clients who would look great in tapes! Here, you want to showcase the service as a solution, not as a luxury service, for hair problems women may feel insecure about - such as hair loss, thinning or sparsity around the hairline. 

Even though you’re already a tape extension specialist, you need to market Mini Tapes as a new service and give it a wide launch both in your salon and across your social media channels - pushing to reach new clients. 

Also, as this is a solution service, you really want to be honing in on showing potential new clients how Mini Tapes can transform hair and the benefits of the service, through before-and-after content and client testimonials. 

Furthermore, you want to promote Mini Tapes as an add-on service to appointments and easily accessible to your everyday clients. Adding a couple of Mini Tapes onto a service will not take long at all, but can massively increase your profits!

A mini but mighty change to how you do tape extensions!

You came to this article looking to learn everything about our brand-new North Mini Tapes! 

Since reading, you have learnt that Mini Tapes are half the width and weight of regular-sized tapes, designed to fit into spaces where your normal tapes will not fit or to add extra thickness to areas lacking natural volume - perfect for both thick and thin-haired clients! You have also learnt how to install, remove and re-tape Mini Tapes and how to effectively promote them in your salon. 

But what now?

At North, we’re committed to listening to our customers and developing our line to meet your needs - hence where Mini Tapes came from! As your trusted tape extension brand, we want to grow with you, and opening the door to more services you can provide makes everyone a winner in the fast-paced world of the hair industry. 

What else can North do?

If you’re excited about new launches, just like this one, we recommend signing up for a North account. Here you will have exclusive access to pre-launch emails, professional products and a whole host of resources to make you the best in the tape business!

Keep learning with North

Part of our commitment to being your trusted tape extension brand is not only developing our line of products, but also helping develop your education! 

One way we do this is through our North Training Days. North training days are run by industry-leading experts and are suitable for stylists with any experience - whether you’re fresh out of college or have been installing tapes for years, you will learn everything you could possibly need to learn about tapes, here! 

Another way we push your education and knowledge is through our North Blog! Here we post regular educational content, pushing the boundaries of everything you could possibly know about tapes. From problems to cost to creating the perfect balayage effect, we truly have it all over there!
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