Expert tips and tricks for tape hair extensions when working with thin hair

Expert tips and tricks for tape hair extensions when working with thin hair

For those with thin hair, tape extensions can be a game-changer in adding volume, thickness and length to your hair. However, there are some important tips and tricks to keep in mind when using tape extensions on thin hair to ensure they blend seamlessly and look natural. In this article, we will provide expert advice on how to properly use tape extensions for thin hair, as well as some handy tricks to make them blend seamlessly.

Pros of Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions have many advantages, especially for those with thin hair. They are lightweight and won't weigh down thin hair, making them a comfortable option. You can choose different weights in tape hair extensions and different ratios to work with so even the finest of hair can hold them safely. North professional hair tapes weigh 2 grams per piece and are double drawn once paired together this creates a 4-gram piece however there is an option to add backing tape to lower the weight to suit finer hair clients, this means the tape hair extensions will not sandwich onto one another, instead it will be sandwiched onto the backing tape creating a thinner strand.

Tape hair extensions can also be cut down smaller in width to fill smaller areas or to create less weight, however, North Professional Hair has recently launched mini tape hair extensions weighing just 1gram per strand for a subtle finish these are great for fragile areas around the hair line they can be used alongside original size tapes.

Tape-in hair extensions are also comfortable and discrete, they lie flat in line with the client's scalp when fitted correctly. They are the only pain-free method on the market they are instantly comfortable when fitted due to their lightweight and flexible attachments.

Tape hair extensions come in two types of attachments original and invisible, I would suggest quoting for invisible tapes when working with fine hair as this will allow them to look seamlessly like they are growing from the clients' scalp. However, the original collection can still be used but may feel slightly thicker at the root area on clients with fine hair creating a less seamless finish.

Tape-in hair extensions are quick and easy to fit compared to other extension methods due to their fast application they also tend to cost less than other methods of hair extensions. You would expect to spend 30 minutes in the salon having up to 10 tapes fitted cut and styled up to 60 minutes for more pots.

Tape-in hair extensions can also be re-used for up to 9 months, with the correct aftercare there for they are better for the environment and also more cost-effective than other methods.

Heated tools can style tape-in hair extensions as your natural hair, they are also flexible to tie up in many hairstyles without bulk or being visible. They are a great method to create various hairstyles.

Cons of Tape-In Hair Extensions

While tape-in hair extensions have many advantages, there are also some drawbacks to consider when choosing them, especially for those with thin hair.

Tape in hair extensions' potential downside is that tape extensions can sometimes be messy when removed if not trained correctly or using the correct aftercare products, this can be frustrating for the stylist, however, if you are a North Professional Hair customer and you purchase our removal tool collection and re-tape tabs you should have a smoother process as these products have been formulated to save you time. If you need further help check out this removal video we made on YouTube. We recommend using the North Professional Hair alcohol spray to release the tape, the C22-oil based remover to clean up residue in the natural hair, the Malibu Undo Goo Shampoo to remove the built-based remover and our re-fit tabs for good security on your next fitting.

Tape-in hair extensions can be more visible on fine hair and feel bulky at the root if fitted too high up by the stylist or if the original collection is used, we recommend fitting tapes no higher than eyebrow level when working with fine hair and using the invisible attachment or the mini tape in hair extensions if you are working higher up to create seamless invisible results.

Tape in hair extensions can slip and fall out if not installed correctly we recommend performing the weaving technique as taught by our educators on our training days at North Professional Hair this will ensure the correct amount of hair is installed between the tapes consistently throughout the fitting process to avoid tapes slipping or pulling on the hair. Tapes can also slip or fall due to the wrong products being used, We recommend avoiding high quantity alcohol products oil-based products and serums at the root or around the attachments. Please see our client area section for all the best aftercare advice.

Tape in hair extensions like all methods can cause traction alopecia and hair loss if installed and removed by a non-professional although tapes look easy and quick to install they should never be fitted by yourself, tapes are the safest method on the market but without the correct installation by a qualified professional issue can arise. Please see our salon locator to find a specialist near you to avoid these consequences.

Tape-in hair extensions will need more maintenance than other methods on fine hair they will need a salon maintenance appointment between 4-6 weeks on fine hair this is to ensure your natural hair stays healthy and the hair is not adding additional weight, twisting or snagging your natural hair when growing down.

Tape-in Hair Extensions Tips & Tricks

On all hair types work in a slight v section around the circumference of the head starting at the temples down towards the back across the head 2/3 inches from the crown and back to the opposite side towards the temples this will allow for a seamless finish and blend using the least amount of hair possible.

Have your client arrive with clean dry hair before installing tapes this will keep your service quick and profitable.

Use the weaving technique for less tension, comfort, and a seamless finish after fitting.

Always use North Professional Hair Plyers to seal the tapes together when fitting we recommend North Professional Hair Plyers.

You can use some hair grip pads to remove and fly away strands so they don't get caught during your application working with clean sections will ensure ultimate hair health.

Don't allow your client to wash their hair 48 hours after fitting to ensure the longevity of the adhesive.

Retail your salon professional aftercare to your client to ensure the correct use of products and to avoid issues.

Have your client book in for their next appointment to avoid confusion around maintenance times and costs.

When colour matching your clients follow these tips for best results, section the hair from the crown area, colour match from mid-lengths to ends, and twist your chosen shade with the client's hair to ensure it blends this will create the best colour match to blend.

When removing and re-fitting your tape in hair extensions always use a rack or hair extension trolly to organising your tapes in the correct order of bottom, middle, top, left and right, this will ensure the tapes are fitted in the same place and the length on the extensions will remain the same.

When taking your section for fitting weave like you would a highlight rather than slice, this will be healthier for the client’s hair easier to remove and create more flexibility and comfort for the client.

You can offer your client a hybrid method application using our mini tapes as well as our original size tapes the mini tapes are perfect for the hairline/face framers and our full-size tapes fill larger areas through the back of the head.

Before cutting and blending your tape extensions make sure to blow dry them smoothly to remove any movement in the hair, especially near the root areas, this will allow for perfect cutting when blending the extensions into your client’s hair. You can then style as you wish after. 

When cutting tape hair extensions to collar bone length or above I would recommend using a point-cutting technique to stop any harsh lines being created, when cutting longer hair you can cut straight across the length to create thickness and sharper blunt lines.


Tape-in hair extensions are the safest and best method for fine hair, they are more cost-effective and quick to apply, but they need more maintenance however this will keep your hair healthier in the long run. Once paired with a good quality trusted supplier like North Professional Hair you can master the art of tape extension fitting, removal, aftercare and maintenance along with offering your clients high-quality Remy hair, a good colour collection for better blends and three options methods original, invisible and mini tapes. You can view North Professional Hair transformations and reviews here. If you're interested in working with us you can request to open your trade account today.

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