How to Build a Successful Tape Extension Service

How to Build a Successful Tape Extension Service

Are you a salon owner or hairdresser thinking of introducing tape extensions to your current offered services?

Tape extension services are an investment in your salon and, conclusively, in your clients’ confidence and custom. But how do you successfully introduce a tape extension service into your salon? In this article, Charlotte Quinn has your answers on; why tapes, how to get started, how to market the service, what your clients need to know, how to complete an in-depth consultation and her top tips. 


About Charlotte

Charlotte Quinn has been in the hair industry since she was 14 years old, starting as a Saturday girl in a local salon. She soon developed a love for the industry and, after leaving school, took on a hairdressing apprenticeship, qualifying at the age of 18. 

Charlotte then opened her own salon, Hair by Charlotte, in 2014, specialising in her unique ‘Hollywood Colour Blend’, blonding services and tape extensions. 

She joined Gary Howe, of Stranded Hair Group, to co-found North Professional Hair 3 years ago, when they saw a gap in the market for local suppliers who provided quality tape extension products and training. Charlotte now trains both budding and experienced hairdressers in tape extension application, through North’s Habia Approved Tape Extension Masterclass


Why choose tape extensions?

Over 7 years ago, when Charlotte first started providing tape extension services, it hadn’t quite hit the UK yet. Charlotte had a client come back from the US who wanted to upkeep this service, but she didn’t have the education or products available to immediately do so.

These days, tapes are one of the leading extension services in UK salons - thanks to pioneers like Charlotte. There’s a huge range of training and resources available, they’re quick to fit and remove, and are one of the best services to fit the vast variety of your clients’ hair needs.


How to get started offering tape extensions

Ultimately, all services start with investing in the best education and resources available. Whilst that might sound daunting, it can actually all be provided in one step: Find a supplier that can provide approved training, has loads of experience in the industry and knows what they’re doing. Your supplier can be your best support and relationship when starting. 

You want to make sure they’re not just the best in business, but they’re also a supplier that's going to deliver - high stock, low cost and fantastic customer service. Sometimes, smaller businesses can be your biggest allies!

North Professional Hair prides itself on being a local, British-born company operating in the fashion hub of Manchester. They are a company that customers can rely on for cost, stock and customer service. North also provides Habia Approved tape extension masterclasses for both hairdressers starting out and as a refresher for trained stylists. 


How to market your tape extension service

Marketing tape extensions should be an easy task for any growing salon, as you’re already marketing the services you currently offer! 

Start by shouting about the products of your training. Plaster it all over your social media channels and introduce it to your existing customers; your qualification, your supplier, your before and after pictures.

Talk to your clients about the benefits that this service can provide. Your clients can be one of your best marketing tools – if they’re happy with the service, they’re going to recommend you! Recommending a friend is an amazing scheme to implement in your salon; one that will benefit your clients, just as much as it will do for you. 

Charlotte also recommends offering a promotion to your first few clients. This will help you add services to; existing clients, gain new clients, generate a variety of new content to publish on your channels, and develop your skills post-training. An example of an introductory offer could be free fittings for the first 5 clients, with them just paying for the cost of the hair. 

In your salon, all staff need to be wearing the tape extensions your salon stocks and be vouching for the quality of the product - this is a form of unconscious marketing. Having a lookbook and sample hair colours on display in reach of the clients also adds to this unconscious marketing, but also as a reference when clients ask you about the service.

Once you’re confident that tape extensions are the best extensions for you, your salon and your clients, specialise!Mastering and primarily focusing on tapes as your only extension service will ensure your clients feel secure in your confidence and knowledge, and new clients will seek a salon that's dedicated to a specific service.


What do clients need to know about tape extensions?

Your clients value honesty above all else. Every salon has to upsell its products, but you’re not going to generate returning custom if your customers aren’t making informed choices.

You need to start every tape extension service with an in-depth consultation. This consultation will discuss everything – your client’s scalp health, hair needs, lifestyle, and crucially, their commitment to the service. Tape extensions are a time and financial commitment. Can your clients afford the time and/or money for:

  • 8-week appointments for tape refits?
  • New extensions when needed? 
  • The routine they may need to maintain their tapes, such as weekly blow-dries?
  • The products they will need to maintain and look after their tapes?

You need to be transparent with your clients and build a trusting relationship with them. Clients make a lot of decision-making based on trust, especially when it comes to something as precious as their hair! 


Work your magic 

During the consultation, you will also need to colour-match your client. Talk to them about their hair goals - what do they want to achieve from the extensions? Discuss options for increased length, volume and dimension. Show them different colours and examples of what their hair could look like, being honest about your ability to make certain looks happen. 

Set an appointment with your client at least a week after the tape extensions are due to arrive, to allow for delayed postage. Ensure the client arrives with clean hair before the installation or has booked a wash and blow-dry. 

Now work your magic! Remember it's not all about the installation – your cut and style are going to show your client they came to the perfect place! Immediately after the installation, book in your client for their next appointment, establishing their commitment to the service. 

The service still isn’t over yet though. Let your clients know they can come back to you with any issues. This is also the perfect moment to give your client a call a few days later to check-in. Superior customer service is what generates happy, returning customers. 


Top tips for a successful tape extension service:

  • Invest in your training and tools
  • Research the best supplier for your salon’s needs 
  • Marketing on social media is your friend, but happy clients are your best friends 
  • Advertise the products on yourself 
  • Grow in confidence and specialise
  • Be honest with your clients and know your stuff 
  • The service is far more than just the install 


Next steps 

You fell upon this article because you’re interested in starting to introduce tape extension services in your salon, but you weren’t sure how to get started or how to make it successful.

Within the text, you have received expert advice from North’s co-founder, Charlotte Quinn, on both how to set up and market the service in your salon, alongside information on what your clients need to know and Charlotte’s top tips. 

But what should you do next?

Charlotte recommends checking out North Professional Hair’s tape extension products, including their tools, removers, and all their different ranges and colours of tapes. 

If you’re interested in training with or stocking North, just like any supplier, Charlotte suggests ringing the customer service number to see if they will be a good fit for your salon. You can call North’s customer service on 0161 791 2726. If they are, you can read more and book Habia Approved training through North here. 

If North isn’t the right fit, rest assured that these steps will still work to find you the best supplier for your salon and clients. 

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