How to tone tape hair extensions

How to tone tape hair extensions


North Professional Tape Hair extensions are made of 100% human Remy double-drawn hair. This means that over time, exposure to washing, wearing, heat, UV and other factors can cause the colour to change from its original shade. This change may be more noticeable in lighter shades than darker ones. However, it is unavoidable, especially as our clients may wash and style the tape hair extensions up to three times a week when fitted. Washing and heat styling are the two main factors that can cause colour fading.

When we fit and supply tape hair extensions to our clients, it's essential to educate them about these factors to avoid any complications and client frustration in the future. It's important to explain that our hair, just like human hair extensions, also fades in colour over time. Additionally, we recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to help slow down the process of colour fading. For those living in hotter countries, we recommend using a UV protection spray, and for those using heat on their hair, a heat protection spray is recommended. All of these products will help maintain the longevity of the colour and the quality of the tape hair extensions.

Importance of toning tape hair extensions

It is important to maintain the colour and quality of tape hair extensions by toning or refreshing them regularly. However, it is not recommended to change their original colour from light to dark or vice versa. To ensure that the extensions match your client's hair and blend in perfectly, we recommend refreshing them to their original shade when purchased. This helps to maintain colour, adds shine, and keeps the extensions looking healthy and fresh. By doing so, your client can save money on purchasing new hair extensions as colour fade can occur as early as eight weeks with heavy heat styling and daily washing.

Preparing for Toning

If you have a client who needs a service for colouring their taped hair extensions, it's quick, simple, and effective to offer it. However, you can charge for your time and the cost of the product. You can tone the extensions while the client is wearing them or remove them during a refit appointment.

Before starting the process, make sure you have all the necessary supplies, tools, and equipment. I recommend using a rack or plastic sheet to place the tapes on while colouring, a water spray to help melt or blend the toners into the tapes, gloves to protect your hands, and a detangling or blending brush to saturate the product into the tape hair extensions.

Start by removing any tangles or knots from the hair extensions. Assess whether you need to deeply add colour or just glaze and gloss the hair to determine if you will perform the service on wet or dry hair. Based on your hairdressing colour knowledge, choose your product type, such as semi-colour, coloured hair mask, or toning shampoo. Select your target shade within the products that you would usually use in the salon and apply the product thoroughly to the tape hair extensions, making sure you turn the tapes over and apply to both sides while combing the product through.

A top tip for using a toning shampoo like purple shampoo is to fill the sink with warm water and the toning shampoo and submerge the hair extensions into the toner and the water for a few minutes. This will ensure an even application and avoid any direct patches.

Once you are satisfied with the development time of the process you choose and you have checked the results, rinse, shampoo and condition the hair to seal the colour molecules into the tapes, making it last longer. North professional hair tape extensions can be coloured or toned several times over their lifespan.

I would recommend colouring one tape first of all if this is your first time toning hair extensions so you can assess the outcome before colouring all the hair extensions this will avoid any further problems like the incorrect colour matching your client's hair.


Colouring Tape hair extensions can be a quick and efficient solution to blend them with your client's natural hair without requiring a new set. Depending on your client's lifestyle, this service may need to be performed as soon as 8 weeks after purchasing. It is important to discuss this service during the initial consultation and inform clients that it is a chargeable service.

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