Your Guide To The Perfect Hair Extension Consultation

Your Guide To The Perfect Hair Extension Consultation

As a North-certified (or wannabe North-certified) salon, you keep up to date with all the latest that we bring out; from new colours to accessories to salon education. You’ve seen that we have just launched our North Consultation Cards, but have no idea what they are and why you should use them.

Here at North, you know that we aren’t just a tape extension brand - we’re educators. We’re built from a team of industry experts, who strive to share their knowledge with both our customers and their clients, ensuring they know everything they need to know about tapes. And that's why we write articles just like this one

In this article, you will learn what a tape extension consultation is, how consultation cards can aid consultation appointments, and why the information they gather is important. By the end, you will be confident that you’ll never miss a thing in your future tape extension consultations - with the help of our cards

What is a hair extension consultation?

A consultation will be your initial appointment with any prospective tape extension client. 

During this appointment, you will discuss your client’s lifestyle, hair and scalp condition, budget, financial and time commitment to the service and goals from the extensions. You should also physically check the client’s hair and scalp condition, alongside colour-matching the client with your colour ring. 

These appointments are usually free, as a way to entice clients to consider tape extensions without any financial commitment, however, you may choose to implement a refundable deposit to secure the appointment (to protect yourself against no-shows). 

By the end of the consultation appointment, you will decide whether or not your client is a good fit for tape extensions. Remember, never take on a client that you aren’t 100% convinced is right for or can commit to a service!

What is a client consultation card used for?

Consultation cards can help this appointment in a number of ways. 

Consultation cards can help you structure the client’s consultation appointment, ensuring that you do not miss asking any vital questions or gaining any vital information. They also help you record your client’s answers, which can then be kept for future reference. 

North Consultation Cards also contain a signatured agreement between yourself and your client, stipulating that the result of any false information that the client has given is purely their responsibility, along with a commitment to the ongoing service and maintenance of the tape extensions.  

Another benefit is that consultation cards, especially North Consultation Cards, help make your service look more professional and show your commitment to the brand, to your client. 

How does the North Consultation Card work?

See our breakdown of our North Consultation Cards, including what each section is for and why it is important:

Check our our downloadable North Consultation Card PDF for full details. 

Client details 

This section starts the consultation card and is incredibly crucial. Here you will ask your client for their full name, date of birth, email address and telephone number. 

Your client’s full name will help you keep a record of who they are on your books, but alongside their date of birth will give you the information needed in case anything were to happen to your client whilst in the salon - you should have this information for every client. 

Your client’s email address and telephone number give you two methods in which you can contact them, such as to remind them of upcoming appointments or to schedule one. 

Client consultation

This is the part of the consultation appointment where you ask the client questions and record their answers. You must listen carefully to the answers your client gives, as any mistake could make you liable if something was to go wrong. 

This consultation card includes questions on previous extension experience, health, hair and scalp conditions and lifestyle. There is a section to tick ‘yes’ or ‘no’, alongside an area to add comments - should you feel the need or your client elaborates on their answer. 

It is imperative that you check what you have written down here with your client, to ensure you have noted down the correct information. 

Stylist checks 

This is the part of the consultation appointment where you physically check the condition of your client’s hair and scalp, recording the information as you see it (trusting your own professional judgement). 

One thing you will be looking for is signs of any health conditions, including suspected diseases or infections. If you suspect any disease or infection, or specific condition your client has not disclosed, you may not be able to offer them tape extensions. 

Another thing you will be looking to determine is your client’s hair type and growth pattern, such as if they have straight, wavy or curly hair and in what way that grows from the scalp. 

Furthermore, we recommend testing the hair’s porosity and elasticity. Porosity refers to how well the hair absorbs and holds moisture, whereas elasticity refers to how much the hair can stretch and return to its original state. 


At the end of your consultation, you should always have a written agreement with your client. North Consultation Cards come with a pre-written agreement between yourself and your client, with an area for you both to sign and date. 

The agreement on our consultation card includes the client being made aware that if they gave false information during the consultation, they are liable for any errors that may occur because of such. 

It also includes a commitment to not change their hair before the installation, such as their hair colour or length, and their commitment to your advised maintenance and upkeep of their tape extensions, such as refits, blowdries, aftercare and products. 

Having a signed agreement at the end of a consultation means that your client has a set understanding of what is expected of them when embarking on their tape extension journey and reduces your risk of liability, should your client do something wrong. 

Top tips for the perfect hair extension consultation:

Read over our top tips for a seamless tape extension consultation appointment:

  • Offer free consultations to incentivise clients to book in and consider tape extensions 
  • Never take on a client that you aren’t 100% sure is right for tape extensions 
  • Structure your consultation appointment like the consultation card
  • Ensure that you take all your client’s personal information, including name, date of birth and contact details 
  • Make notes when your client elaborates on their answers - yes or no doesn’t hold any details or context 
  • Assess your client’s hair yourself, making sure that nothing is missed 
  • Sign an agreement with your client, informing them of their responsibilities and liability should something go wrong due to something they have done

Now what?

You came to this article curious about North Consultation Cards, wondering ‘What are they?’ and ‘How can they improve my service?’. Since reading, you have learnt about how consultation cards can aid tape extension consultation appointments, what information they gather and why that information is important. We also shared some top tips for best practice!

But what do you do now?

North Professional Hair isn’t just a tape extension brand - our company is built from a team of industry professionals and experts, turned educators for our customers and their clients. We strive to ensure that you know everything you need to know about tapes and how to run a smooth and successful service. 

One of the ways we do this is by writing articles, just like this one. For more educational content, check out our North Blog

Another way we keep you informed on all things tapes is through our training days! North’s Habia-approved tape extension masterclasses are perfect for beginners and seasoned stylists alike, learning from one of the top tape extension specialists in the country. 

Interested in our consultation cards?

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North accounts are free and easy to set up (if you don’t have one already). All you need is to upload proof of business. We accept the following; NVQ Level 2 or above certificate, supplier invoice, business card, a screenshot of your Instagram page or business lease. 

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