Learn the Importance of Professional Placement of Tape Hair Extensions and Why Attending an Endorsed Course creates a seamless blend and returning clients

Learn the Importance of Professional Placement of Tape Hair Extensions and Why Attending an Endorsed Course creates a seamless blend and returning clients

The importance of assessing the client's hair type to determine the grams of hair needed

When consulting with a client regarding tape-in hair extensions, it's essential to cover all the necessary information before proceeding with the application. To ensure you have covered all the contraindications regarding tape hair extensions, I recommend using the North Professional Hair Client consultation card. This will give you a comprehensive assessment of your client and help you determine if tape-in hair extensions are suitable for them. 

During the consultation, it is important to discuss any possible diseases or infections, both past and present. Additionally, the stylist should consider the hair growth patterns that might affect or change the placement of tapes, as well as the hair's type and texture, which may require preparation or alternative maintenance methods. Furthermore, before applying the tapes, the stylist should conduct a porosity test and an elasticity test to determine the hair's strength and health.

To provide a professional and correct service, it's important to use the North Professional Hair Client consultation card and conduct a thorough assessment. This will not only protect you from liability but also ensure that your salon insurance provider covers you in case of any future issues.

Please consider the following factors during your consultation to determine whether tape hair extensions are the right method for your client. Firstly, inquire if your client has ever worn hair extensions before or experienced any issues with them. This will allow you to discuss the methods that didn't work for them, any problems they faced, and possible solutions to those problems. Secondly, check if your client is currently experiencing any hair loss or taking any medication that may affect hair loss or growth. This will help you assess the maintenance and timing of appointments, determine the suitability of the client, and provide advice on the application placement.

As a hair professional, you need to evaluate your client's scalp condition before proceeding with the hair treatment. You need to check for any cuts, psoriasis, or infestations and inquire about any allergies or past adverse reactions to hair products. Additionally, you need to discuss your client's lifestyle and any potential factors that may impact the use of tapes. For instance, you should ask if they are pregnant or breastfeeding, if they work out at the gym, if they go swimming, or any other details that are relevant to hair treatment maintenance.

After discussing all the details with the client, You will consult with them about the type of results they want to achieve with tape hair extensions. You will determine the amount of hair gram/pots needed based on the placement pattern and desired length. You will then match the client's hair colour using the North Professional hair colour ring and explain the process of booking the fitting appointment. You will also inform the client about the North professional hair client area on our website, where they can find aftercare and maintenance advice. We recommend taking payment for the hair extensions upfront so that we can place the order on our website www.northhair.co.uk.

The Importance of Professional Tape Hair Extension Placement

Tape hair extensions may seem easy to apply, but it is important to remember that non-professionals should not attempt to place tapes in the hair without training and knowledge. Improper placement can lead to the hair looking unblended and the tapes being visible. At North Professional Hair, we offer Tape Training Days to teach professionals how to perfectly place tapes, allowing clients to wear them discreetly and comfortably. Our placement technique creates the best blend possible, making the tapes appear seamless and natural. This is crucial for professionals to advertise themselves correctly and provide the best service possible for their clients. Our tape hair extensions master course is endorsed by Habia, ensuring that we are an accredited training provider.

The importance of the correct colour match

When it comes to matching tape hair extensions to the colour of your hair, it can be quite overwhelming. Sometimes, you may come across issues where the shade doesn't perfectly match, and you can't decide what to do next. In this instance, we recommend that you always choose the nearest shade up or down, keeping in mind that the colour of tape hair extensions will fade over time just like natural hair. We always advise you to take a section of your client's hair from the crown area and select the closest shades possible. Then, twist the client's hair with the swatch to see how they mix. This will help guide you on the correct shade and visualize how the colours will blend.

You might be using tape hair extensions to add some colour to your client's hair without using any chemicals, like a chemical-free balayage. If that's the case, I suggest choosing a shade that closely matches their natural hair colour and another shade that's a bit lighter. Then, mix the two colours while installing the tapes, placing one on top of the other. It's crucial to achieve a good colour match to ensure that your client can wear undetectable tape hair extensions and get the best possible results.

The key factors for an undetectable blend

To achieve an undetectable finish on tape hair extensions, it is important to consider a few key factors. First, use the correct amount of hair to blend with the client's hair. Each pot of North Professional hair contains ten pairs weighing 40 grams. We recommend using one pack of tape hair extensions for thickness, two packs for natural length and thickness, and three packs for a full transformation. Additionally, if your client has shorter, thicker, blunt hair and wants longer hair extensions, more hair will be needed, and some pre-texturising on the client's natural hair may be necessary to achieve the desired look.

Another important factor for an undetectable blend is the perfect colour match. When the hair is matched identically, it creates an undetectable seamless blend. We recommend colour matching from the crown mid-lengths to ends, as this is the hair that will be sat on top of the tapes when fitted. This is the section of hair that will need to blend into the extensions.

Lastly, a great haircut and blow dry will blend the extension in seamlessly. For shorter hair, use a point-cutting technique, and for longer hair, blend the sides and face framers around the front, leaving a natural finish.

What can cause tape hair extensions not to blend?

It is important to consider certain factors when working with tape hair extensions to ensure that they blend seamlessly with natural hair. Some of the reasons why extensions may not blend well include lack of skill and knowledge in tape hair extensions, failure to conduct a thorough consultation and assessment of the client's hair, inaccurate colour matching, and improper preparation of the hair before installation. In addition, not following the proper placement pattern and not using enough hair for the desired results can also lead to detectable tapes and a less-than-satisfactory outcome. 

To avoid these issues, it is recommended that stylists attend an accredited tape hair extensions course, conduct a thorough consultation with their client, prepare the hair properly for installation, order the correct shade and amount of hair, and follow the placement pattern correctly. It is also important to cut and blend the extensions after fitting them properly. Finally, stylists should educate their clients on how to care for and maintain their new hair and encourage them to return for their next fitting in 6-8 weeks. Retailing professional-grade sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner can also help maintain the extensions and ensure client satisfaction. 


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