Q&A with Salon Coach Cameron Dermody

Q&A with Salon Coach Cameron Dermody

What are the challenges salons face?

Running a business in the hair industry is no easy task; it can be very challenging, especially if you are aiming to grow your revenue with tape hair extensions. With countless responsibilities, including keeping clients happy, staying up to date with education, marketing yourself or the salon, ordering stock, accounting, and team management, actually growing the business revenue can often fall to the bottom of the list. However, by prioritising your growth, you can better navigate these other issues. This can help you focus on what your role in the business should be and enable you to make tactical and effective decisions.

We interviewed North Professional Hair trainer Cameron Dermody, who is also a salon owner, he has used tape hair extensions to maximise his business revenue. Cameron is also a business coach, specialising in the salon industry. We wanted to share how growing his revenue with tape hair extension transformed his business and how his proven techniques have led to a successful coaching service. 

What is salon business coaching?

North: What do you actually do?
Cameron: I help salon owners scale to 500K+ having more money in the bank and more freedom for them and their team.

North: How you can help?
Cameron: We’re really lucky to offer so many different ways to support salon owners. Some of my most successful clients invest as much as £8000+ per year and you can get started for as little as £99 for a one-day event. Everything else slots in between. We share our proven frameworks and knowledge to help you grow your business FASTER, we guide you through the heights (& sometimes the lows!) of your business. Like your little support bubble always there when you need us.

North: How did Tape extensions elevate your profit in 6 months?
Cameron: Tape extensions were a game changer for my business. We did offer some extensions before, but if I’m really honest they were too time-consuming and unprofitable. When I first became a customer of North I was amazed at how quickly I could get my clients results for me and them! They could easily be slotted onto their colour appointment which contributed heavily to us growing our average ticket by over £15! That first year by focusing on upgrading our clients so they could enjoy better results we turnover an EXTRA 180k. WITH NO NEW CLIENTS. What could an extra 180K do for your business?

North: How have North Hair Extensions helped you gain new clients?
Cameron: Tape hair extensions opened up a new market for us. We were able to offer luxury, high-quality hair extensions in under half the time of our competitors. Once word got out we practically had people knocking at our door to find out more information. This also enabled us to choose the kind of clients we wanted to work with.

North: How can North accounts find out more?
Cameron: I think it's safe to say that by investing in my personal business education as well as North support I managed to change my life since COVID-19. If you want to know more about me & how I work drop me an email on; Cameron@dermodycoaching.co.uk or visit my website we can talk all things business! Alternatively, come meet me at my next North Professional Hair training day in Taunton or Manchester, I’d love to see you there.

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