Summer-Proof Your Clients Hair: Tips and Tricks for Tape Hair Extensions

Summer-Proof Your Clients Hair: Tips and Tricks for Tape Hair Extensions

Summer is finally here, which means longer days, warmer temperatures, and plenty of outdoor adventures and holidays abroad. However, for clients who have tape hair extensions, the summer heat, products used on our bodies, and enjoyment in pools and seawater, along with the humidity can create several challenges when it comes to maintaining your North Professional hair tape in extensions. These challenges may include frizz, fading colour, damage in quality, and potential slipping of the tapes. But no need to worry, there are a few key tips and tricks that can help your clients to summer-proof their hair extensions and keep them looking flawless all season long.

Importance of protecting hair extensions during summer months

It's important to take extra care of hair extensions during the summer months, particularly tape-in extensions. Exposure to heat, humidity, salt water, or chlorine can cause damage and fading, and the heat can also weaken the adhesive tapes, leading to slipping or falling out. To maintain the quality and colour of the hair and avoid additional expenses, such as having to buy new hair or undoing chemical reactions and the need for hair treatments, it's crucial to protect hair extensions during the summer. You can achieve this by following instructions carefully and using the appropriate products before the summer heat arrives.

- Purchase a salon professional sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner 

-  Use a hair UV protection spray 

-  Use a protein hair mask 

-  Use a good hair extensions detangling brush 

-  Wear a head scarf/ hat to cover your hair in the sun 

-  Pack a sachet of Malibu crystal gel for any colour change disasters

- Use a heat protector when styling 

- Use dry conditioner/hair oil to rehydrate tapes 

- Book your maintenance appointment for your return

- Avoid getting your hair wet in pool/seawater

- Plait your hair if entering pool/sea water and coat your hair with a hair mask to add protection

- Wash and treat your hair right away after exposure to sea/pool water 

- Avoid using sun cream containing avobenzone 

- Tie your hair up when applying sun cream/body lotions

- Wash your hands before handling your hair 

- Keep your hair away from the body to avoid sun cream transferring onto hair via sweat

- Avoid hair washing daily unless removing minerals/products 

Following these tips and tricks should help to avoid any expensive mistakes whilst enjoying your holiday and summer adventures with tape hair extensions. By taking preventative measures and being proactive in caring for your hair extensions, your clients can ensure that their hair looks fabulous throughout the summer months.

Remember to communicate these tips and tricks to your clients before they embark on their summer holidays or outdoor activities. Providing them with the knowledge and tools to protect their tape hair extensions will help them maintain quality and longevity.

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