Tips: Application Advice for Tape Hair Extensions

Tips: Application Advice for Tape Hair Extensions

Welcome to the second instalment of our tips articles. This blog is focused on application advice, within this blog you will discover our three top recommendations when applying our tape hair extensions. Follow our advice to ensure a seamless and professional application every time.

Do you Weave or Slice the section?

When fitting tape hair extensions, it's crucial to prepare a section of hair for the adhesive to attach to correctly. This section, which is sandwiched between two tapes, bears the weight of the tape extension. Both the standard sectioning and weaving techniques are possible, but we believe the weaving method is superior. Here's why:

  1. Better Adhesion: Weaving creates a smaller section of hair between the tapes, which increases the contact area between the tapes. This results in a more secure seal, reducing the risk of slipping or falling out.

  2. Protection from Products: A smaller hair section which weaving provides, means the tapes sit closer together, minimising the gap at the top. This helps prevent hair products from penetrating the adhesive and potentially dissolving the glue, which could cause the tapes to slip or fall out.

  3. Increased Comfort: Weaving allows for more flexibility, as less hair is fixed between the tapes. This makes the extensions more comfortable for the client to wear.

The weaving technique enhances the durability, security, and comfort of tape hair extensions by creating a better seal and allowing more flexibility.

Quick Application Steps for Fitting Tape Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions offer a quick, secure, and simple application process. Follow these four easy steps for a perfect application of each pair of tapes:

  1. Prepare the Hair: Use a high-quality tail comb to weave a neat and even section of the client's hair.

  2. Place the First Tape: Lift the weaved section and place one of the tapes underneath it. Gently pull down to secure the hair to the tape and then release.

  3. Apply the Second Tape: Align the second tape over the top of the weaved section and press firmly to secure it.

  4. Seal the Adhesive: Use North Professional hair pliers to seal the adhesive tapes together.

To gain an in-depth hands-on tape training experience, book one of a Habia approved training days.

Hybrid Method: Combining Mini-tapes with Standard Sizes

Offer your clients a hybrid method application by combining Mini Tapes with the original-sized tapes. This approach utilises the strengths of both tape sizes for optimal results:

  1. Versatility and Precision: Mini Tapes are ideal for fitting around the hairline, providing a seamless and natural look. Their smaller size allows for precise placement, making them perfect for creating face-framing highlights or filling in sparse areas around the hairline.

  2. Discreet Appearance: Many clients prefer Mini Tapes for their discreetness. These smaller tapes blend effortlessly with the natural hair, especially in areas where hair is thinner. This ensures a more natural appearance and boosts the client's confidence.

  3. Enhanced Comfort: The lightweight nature of Mini Tapes makes them more comfortable for clients, particularly in delicate areas such as the hairline. This can be especially beneficial for clients with sensitive scalps or those who prefer a more subtle extension experience.

  4. Customisation and Flexibility: By combining Mini Tapes with original-sized tapes, you can customise the application to suit each client's unique needs. Use original-sized tapes for adding volume and length to the main body of the hair, while strategically placing Mini Tapes around the hairline for a polished and natural finish.

The hybrid method of using both Mini Tapes and original-sized tapes offers a tailored approach that enhances the client's overall look, providing discreetness, comfort, and versatility.

We hope you've learnt from this application advice article. These tips will ensure you provide a professional and seamless application of North Professional Hair. Visit our blog for more helpful articles full of tips and experienced advice, or book on to our next training day. Here you will experience live model training, led by an experienced tape fitting expert. 

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