Tips for Preventing Tape Hair Extensions from Slipping or Loosening in Hot and Sweaty Conditions

Tips for Preventing Tape Hair Extensions from Slipping or Loosening in Hot and Sweaty Conditions

Tape-in hair extensions are a popular choice for adding volume and length to your hair. However, they may be prone to slipping or loosening, particularly in hot and humid conditions. To keep your tape-in hair extensions secure and looking great all day, it's important to take extra precautions when the temperature rises. This article will discuss some helpful tips for preventing tape hair extensions from slipping.

It's advised to keep your hair covered during extreme heat conditions. If your tape attachments are exposed to direct extreme heat, they can loosen and cause the tape bond to become squishy or even slip out. It's best to avoid exposing the tape directly to any form of extreme heat, whether from the sun or heated tools. Additionally, extreme heat can cause our heads to sweat excessively, and this scalp sweat can cause your tapes to slip, especially if there's excessive grease or oil production.

Please remember the following guidelines:

- Remember to refrain from using heated tools directly on the tape attachment, as this can melt the tape bond and cause the tape to slip out. After the bond has cooled down, it will begin to harden again, possibly causing the tape to become stuck in the hair. This might make the removal process more challenging and painful for the client, potentially leading to hair breakage.

-Avoid using oil-based products near the tape bonds on your roots. Oil-based products can break down the adhesive residue of the tape bonds, which exposes the tape and weakens it, leading to slippage.

- Avoid silicone-based products, especially in shampoo and conditioner. They create a waterproof layer on your hair, making it feel slippery and aiding detangling. However, they are hard to wash out, can make it difficult for extensions to bond to your hair, and can leave your hair feeling heavy and greasy.

- Do not to wash or sweat excessively in your hair for 48 hours after getting it installed to allow the bond to seal and strengthen.

- While wearing tape hair extensions, avoid overwashing your hair to prevent colour fading. Hair is more delicate when wet, and the tape attachment areas are prone to stretching and breakage if proper maintenance appointments are not followed.

- Avoid applying moisture-based conditioners to the root area around the tape bonds to prevent slipping.

- Remember not to over-brush your hair, as this can lead to excessive shedding and pulling at the roots. When using tape hair extensions, always use a hair extensions brush and hold the tape attachments at the top while brushing, especially when dealing with wet hair, as wet hair stretches when wet.

In conclusion, Ensure that you book appointments with a certified hair extension specialist approved by North Professional Hair for correct installation. Maintenance for tape hair extensions may be needed more regularly during hotter climates or if you're a frequent gym user. Seeking advice from a qualified professional will ensure the use of proper tools during installation and receiving the right advice to help avoid any problems during hotter and sweatier months.

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