Tips: Pre-fitting Advice for Tape Extensions

Tips: Pre-fitting Advice for Tape Extensions

Welcome to the first in our series of tip-of-the-month blogs, designed to help you avoid common issues experienced by salons and hair extensionists when working with tape hair extensions. Throughout the year, we've been sharing a "Tip of the Month" via email. In these mini-blogs, we will categorise our tips of the month, making it easier for you to find the advice you need without having to sift through old emails. This mini-blog will focus on pre-fitting, providing you with the best advice on what to do when taking on a tape extension client.

Use a consultation card 

Using a consultation card is important for understanding any concerns or issues your client may have before fitting tape hair extensions. For example, if your client is experiencing hair loss due to menopause and you are unaware of this, the tapes might begin to fall out unexpectedly. Gathering this information beforehand can help you avoid such situations and ensure a better experience for both you and your client.

The consultation cards also help you to be more organised and professional in your approach to fitting tape hair extensions, as you can log important information and have the consultation signed by the client. This will encourage the client to be honest and committed to taking care of the tapes after the fitting. We highly recommend purchasing a pack of consultation cards from our website on your next order. 

Use a colour ring

Are you using a colour ring correctly? We recommend matching your client's hair from the mid-lengths to the ends as this is where the client's hair and the extensions will meet, any colour differences will be hard to disguise, and achieving the perfect match in the area will create the most seamless-looking results. We recommend twisting the client's hair and the swatch sample together to test how they blend. Sometimes you may need to combine more than one shade to achieve the best match. 

Has your client washed their hair?

To ensure the best results during your tape-fitting appointment, we recommend that your client arrives with freshly washed hair. Clean hair provides the best base for the tapes to be securely fitted. Oily roots can prevent the tapes from sealing properly, which can compromise the longevity and stability of the extensions. By washing and thoroughly drying their hair before the appointment, the client can help save you time and ensure that you achieve the best possible fit for their extensions. This preparation will help you provide them with a seamless and secure fitting experience.

We hope you've learned something in this pre-fitting advice blog. Follow these steps before fitting any tape extensions to your clients, and you'll be off to an incredible start in providing a beautiful fitting of tape hair extensions. 

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