Tips: Styling Advice for Tape Hair Extensions

Tips: Styling Advice for Tape Hair Extensions

The third instalment of our tips articles focuses on styling advice for tape hair extensions. You've fitted the tapes perfectly but to ensure a seamless blend and the ultimate finish you will need to style and cut them where needed. Depending on your client's preferred style and hair length with the extensions you will need to adjust your styling and cutting techniques. Let's dive into the tips below:

Blow Dry the Extensions before Cutting

After fitting tape hair extensions, it is essential to blow dry both the natural hair and the extensions together to create a smooth base for cutting. Tape hair extensions often come with a natural bend or wave, which can lead to imperfections when hidden beneath your natural hair. If these imperfections are not addressed, they can result in an uneven cut.

By smoothing the hair with a hairdryer before cutting, you ensure that the extensions blend seamlessly with the client's natural hair, providing a polished and professional finish. This step is crucial for achieving a consistent length and avoiding any noticeable discrepancies in the final hairstyle.

When to Point Cut Tape Hair Extensions?

When your client's finished length is at the collarbone, it is crucial to use point cutting on tape hair extensions. Straight cutting in this case can result in an unblended, stepped style that appears obvious and unnatural. Point cutting, on the other hand, softens the blend and eliminates harsh lines, ensuring a seamless and natural look.

Point cutting involves snipping the hair at an angle, creating a textured and feathered edge that helps the extensions blend smoothly with the natural hair. This technique is particularly effective for collarbone-length hair, where a blunt cut can be too stark and easily noticeable.

For clients with longer hair, straight cutting is more appropriate. This blunt approach enhances the hair's thickness and volume, creating a full, voluminous look. The clean, straight lines of a blunt cut work well with longer lengths, providing a sharp and defined finish that complements the overall style.

Choosing the right cutting technique based on the desired length is essential for achieving a natural and aesthetically pleasing result with tape hair extensions. Point cutting is ideal for collarbone-length hair, providing a soft and blended appearance, while straight cutting is perfect for longer hair, enhancing thickness and volume.


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