Transforming thin hair with tape extensions

Transforming thin hair with tape extensions

Are you tired of dealing with thin, hair that never seems to have any volume or body? If so, tape extensions may be the solution you've been searching for. With their ability to instantly transform thin hair and boost your self-confidence, it's no wonder why more and more people are turning to this innovative hair extension method. In this article, we will explore various success stories. 

What are the benefits of tape-in extensions?

One of the major benefits of tape-in extensions is their ability to add instant thickness to thin hair. Many people with thin hair struggle to achieve the desired fullness and thickness, but tape extensions can provide a quick and effective solution. By adding tape hair extensions to your naturally fine hair, these extensions create a fuller appearance that can make your hair look thicker and more voluminous, creating confidence and giving you the hair you have always dreamt of and deserved.

Another advantage of tape-in extensions is their versatility. They can be easily fitted by a professional and styled and blended by yourself with your natural hair, allowing for a seamless and natural look. Whether you want to curl, straighten, or even colour your hair, North Professional hair remy tape extensions can withstand heat and chemical treatments without damage. They are great for all different types of lifestyles and can be flexible when it comes to wearing your hair up or down.

Invisible tape extensions vs mini invisible extensions

Success stories and before/after comparisons

Many individuals who have struggled with thin hair have experienced remarkable transformations with our North professional hair tape-in extensions, leaving them feeling confident and satisfied with their new look. 

In the salon environment, we see many women face hair loss issues due to menopause, age, pregnancy, medication, illness and many more factors, our clients are feeling low with self-esteem dreaming about the hair they once had they feel like there is no solution as the marketing of hair extensions are targeted towards long luxurious glamour hair and the client is looking for natural hair fillers throughout or just around the hair line to give them the confidence.

Tape-in hair extensions are the perfect solution for these problematic areas with their low maintenance, discrete and invisible methods, North Professional Hair recently launched mini tape hair extensions making tapes more appealing for fine hair they are hidden and safe for even the finest of hair textures.

So are you tired of dealing with thin, lifeless hair that never seems to have any volume or body? Are you struggling with hormonal hair loss issues? Are you a stylist with a clientele who fits these criteria If so, tape-in extensions may be the solution you've been searching for, with their ability to instantly transform thin hair and boost your self-confidence take a look at our next available training days, find a location near you or our salon locator to find a specialist offering this service.

Transformations by our accredited professionals and client feedback are below

"I got hair extensions after my hairdresser trained with North Professional Hair. They look natural, are easy to maintain, and are the best thing I've done for my hair. It has been the best decision I have ever made. I am now ready to book in for my refit."

Transformation by @toni_carla_hair

"When Tiger fitted my new extensions, I burst out crying. The person in the mirror looked like me again. My hair was always a signature thing for me before I lost most of it due to stress. The extensions are supernatural and lightweight, unlike any I had tried before. With the invisible tapes, I can confidently wear my hair up without the tell-tale signs of normal tapes. Without a doubt, it's the best transformation ever!"

Transformation by @hairby_tiger

"I had thin hair due to over-bleaching and heavy weaves. Since switching to North Professional Hair Tapes, my hair has transformed and become healthier. The tapes are lightweight, don't damage my hair, and have given me confidence. I'm grateful to Charlotte for introducing me to them, I look forward to my removal appointments to see how much my natural hair has grown."

Transformation by @hair_by_charlotte

How are tape hair extensions applied?

If you're interested in getting tape hair extensions, you can find a trained professional near you by checking out our salon locator. Once you've identified a specialist, you'll attend a consultation and colour-match appointment. On the day of your fitting appointment, you should arrive with clean, dry hair. The stylist will prepare your hair by smoothing out any waves or frizz, and then determine the best placement for the tapes based on your lifestyle. They will take a small section of your natural hair and perform the weaving technique, peeling off the tape from the extension piece, placing it under the weaved section, and sticking the weaved section of hair to the tape. They will then apply a second tape on top, creating a sandwich effect and seal using North professional hair plyers. They will repeat this process until the correct number of tapes is applied. Finally, they will blend, cut, and style your hair to perfection.

Will I need to wear Tape In Hair Extensions forever?

Some clients will wear tape hair extensions for the foreseeable, whereas other clients will wear tape hair extensions until their problematic issues are solved and the use of tapes is no longer needed. Tapes are the healthiest hair extension method on the market they are damage-free if fitted by a professional and if removed and maintained correctly. Tapes will need maintenance between 4-8 weeks depending on your initial hair consultation and the hair itself can be re-fitted for up to 9-12months with the correct use of aftercare products.

To keep your tape-in extensions in good condition for as long as possible, it's important to follow a regular maintenance routine. This means using shampoo and conditioner that are free of sulfates, which can cause damage to the tape. You should also be gentle when brushing your hair and avoid pulling or tugging on the extensions. When styling your hair, be careful with the heat settings and try to limit the use of heated tools to once a week. Always use heat protection sprays before styling.

It's essential to schedule and attend your maintenance appointments as requested by your fitting specialist. This will help ensure that your natural hair remains healthy and your extensions stay damage-free between appointments.

The difference between other extension methods on thin hair?

When it comes to fine hair, tapes are the best option. This is because each tape strand weighs only 4 grams per section, which is a compatible weight for the hair. In comparison, a weft of hair could weigh 50 grams and be on a small section across the back of the head creating tension and pain. You can achieve the same look using multiple tapes across multiple areas with even weight distribution on the client's hair. Tapes provide the least tension to the hair and scalp. They grow out super flat and tidy, leaving less risk of matting and breakage. They are comfortable straight after fitting and cause no pain or tightness when installed, unlike a weft.

When compared to micro rings or bonds they may weigh less, around 2 grams per strand. However, to create the same effect as a 4cm tape, you may need to use 6-8 micro rings or bonds. These methods are attached to less hair and have the opportunity to twist when being worn, creating tension, hair loss and breakage. There is also a risk of reaction to metal and bonds requiring less maintenance, leaving your clients wearing them for longer without salon visits. Upon removing these methods, you may see lots of shedding of the hair, potential matting, and breakage, especially when talking about fine hair.


If you are finding it difficult to love your natural hair and want to find a way to build self-confidence and create your dream hair, I suggest researching extension specialists in your area. You can then arrange a consultation with a tape hair extension specialist, who can guide you on the best options for your hair to create the look you desire. Here at North Professional Hair, we are your trusted hair supplier, we pride ourselves in delivering high education and knowledge. 

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