Who Is North Professional Hair?

Who Is North Professional Hair?

North Professional Hair? Who’s that?

North Professional Hair is a leading, North-West-based U.K. tape extension brand sweeping the market (if we do say so ourselves). But who are we? What do we do?

In this article, you will learn everything you should expect from our brand and as a North customer, including; our story, commitments, products, training and additional customer support. 

By the end of this, you will be confident that North Professional Hair is your new trusted tape extension (and more) brand, ready to take you on your tape extension journey!

Who are we?

North Professional Hair is a tape extension brand built by industry professionals, for industry professionals. We pride ourselves on our diligence to knowledge, expertise and quality - ensuring North clients have the best hair extensions on the market. 

Our story 

Charlotte Quinn and Gary Howe founded North Professional Hair in March 2020, to build a reliable, transparent and respectable tape hair extension brand, exclusively for professionals.

Charlotte, who has over a decade long experience as a salon owner and tape hair extension specialist, provides invaluable insight into the salon industry. This experience enables North to maintain a salon-focused approach to business, ensuring quality and trendability. 

Gary has endless business expertise, especially within the hair extension industry, with an understanding of proven first-class logistics and reputable manufacturer relationships. 

With combined knowledge and expertise, the pair made the perfect partnership to deliver high-quality hair at a competitive price.

Brand values 

At North Professional Hair, we are dedicated to providing premium quality, luxury tape hair extensions to hair professionals through our expertise and first-class service. 

We strive to work in partnership and to establish long-term relationships with our clients, to deliver their goals and drive their business growth. We are proud to be your trusted hair industry professional. 

Our commitment  

Please read our commitment to our customers:

Premium Quality Products

Our premium hair standard ensures that all the human hair tape hair extensions we offer are of the highest quality. Our human hair tape extensions are designed to be virtually invisible, low maintenance and quick to install; making them the most versatile solution for your salon and clients. 

First Class Customer Service

Let's face it we’ve all been there; things go wrong. North prides itself in its first-class customer service - our team will always work hard and try to resolve any issues you may have.

A growing wealth of knowledge

We strive to be industry thought leaders and are relentless in our pursuit of this. We are an open book with our knowledge and will always share our tips of best practice. We are dynamic and practical with our solutions and give real skills that will work in your business.

What do we supply?

North Professional Hair tape extensions are double-drawn 100% Remy human hair, meaning that the hair is the same thickness from root to tip with a closed cuticle. North Professional Hair tape extensions are mostly sourced from villages in the southwest of China.

We strive to support the people of these villages as much as we can, as these people take great pride in selling their hair and deserve the benefits it brings to both them and their communities. 

Our products are produced using only the healthiest hair, which enables us to supply the ultimate premium quality product for our customers. We also use the highest grade ‘heat free’ tape adhesives or ‘tape tabs’, which are rigorously tested in the UK (as to our commitment as a UK-based brand).

North Professional Hair tape extensions

North Professional Hair stocks three different types of tape hair extensions, that meet a variety of different client-hair needs.

What are original tapes?

Original tapes are generally considered to be one of the most popular and affordable options for hair extension applications. They are also our most versatile type of tape, with the greatest shade range. North Original Tapes are made with a translucent adhesive, which allows the tape to blend and sit comfortably with the natural hair.

Original Tapes are also compatible with our other types: Invisible Tapes and Root Glaze Tapes.

What are invisible tapes?

North Invisible Tapes were designed to be virtually invisible when installed. The specialised technique of applying the hair into the attachment provides an almost invisible seam. Invisible Tapes blend seamlessly with the client's re-growth, resulting in a more natural and realistic finish.

Invisible Tapes are the ideal option for clients with fine or thin hair, creating the illusion that the hair extension is growing directly from the scalp.

What are invisible root glaze tapes?

North Invisible Root Glaze Tapes use the same specialised attachment as the Invisible Tapes, but have a bespoke-coloured root created by technical colour experts to imitate natural hair colour. This helps the extensions blend in with the client’s hair, whilst adding depth and the illusion of thicker hair.

The bespoke coloured root in Invisible Root Glaze Tapes creates a realistic, lived-in look that is used to give a seamless grow-out effect - perfect for lower-maintenance clients. 

North Professional Hair accessories 

From North labelled products to our tape-friendly salon favourites, North Professional Hair stocks everything you could need for a successful tape extension service. Check out our essential North Professional Hair products:

Merch pack 

Showcase yourself as providing the best North Professional Hair services with our Merch pack! This pack includes a tent talker, a poster with different attachments and a mirror sticker. Both the talker and mirror sticker come with exclusive QR codes, so that your clients can read about North at their own pace. 

Colour ring

Instead of guessing what colour your clients may be, purchase a North colour ring. Easily colour-match your clients and keep the ring on display, in a reachable area, for marketing your tape extension service. Practical and influential!

Replacement tapes 

Keep a healthy stock of North Professional Hair’s replacement tape tabs, to ensure you have the best quality products when refitting North’s 100% Remy Human Hair extensions. Comes in 2 sizes: 60 or 120 tapes per pack. 

Tape extension remover

North Professional Hair’s alcohol-based tape extension remover is formulated for North salons, so that removal never compromises the integrity of the North human hair extensions and safely removes North tape tabs. Made with Isopropyl Alcohol.

Professional pliers

North Professional Hair pliers are for the professional application and removal of tape hair extensions. They are lightweight, compact and easy to use, perfect for our 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions and any North-certified salon.


Train with North Professional Hair

Start a new hair journey and discover the benefits of North Professional Tapes: create length, volume and colour to boost both your clients' self-confidence and your profits. You’ll be trained to the highest standard, receive Habia-approved accreditation (plus a certificate) and a starter training kit.* 

*Please note trainees must hold an NVQ Level 2 in hairdressing or be working towards this.

Two locations:

  • Manchester Location: Hair By Charlotte, 221 Bolton Rd, Salford, Manchester, M6 7HP
  • Somerset Location: Nichares, 5 North Street, Taunton, TA1 1LH 
  • Our course runs from 10 am to 3.30 pm.

Find a date suitable for you, here


What additional support do North Professional Hair give?

Whether you train with or just stock North, we provide ongoing support to all our customers. Here are all the different ways we can support you and your business:


Check out our North blogs and articles, like this one, to enhance your knowledge on everything to do with hair, extensions and marketing your tape extension service!


Signing up for a North account gives you exclusive access to our educational and informational emails - including reminders when our latest article is out!

Social media 

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date with our latest products and favourite hair transformations. We also have an exclusive members-only group on Facebook Group for professionals with North accounts. 

Customer service 

We have an extremely dedicated customer service team at North Professional Hair, ready to answer any of your hair queries. 

Your next steps

Remind me again who we are? Oh yeah, North Professional Hair - your new, trusted, U.K.-based tape extension brand. 

In this article, you have learnt everything you need to know about our brand, including; our story, commitments, products, training and additional customer support. But what now?

Even if you’re not completely sold on us just yet, what’s the harm of finding out more? Contact our dedicated customer service team or, better yet, make a North salon account! Making a North salon account gives you opportunities to explore our products further, receive our emails and join our exclusive, members-only Facebook group!

Signing up for a North account also gets you free brand intro back, by request. Get in contact with us to receive yours!

Contact us:

Email: info@northhair.co.uk

Tel: 0161 791 2726

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