How Much Do Tape Extensions Cost? - Professional Pricing Guide UK

How Much Do Tape Extensions Cost? - Professional Pricing Guide UK

When Charlotte, our North co-founder, first started offering tape extension services in her salon, tapes were yet to hit the UK market. As such, she had no idea how to price her services, especially when competing against other, more popular, extension methods. And unlike you (by the end), Charlotte had no idea how to make the service profitable. 

These days, tape extensions are one of the most popular extension methods in UK salons. However, here at North, we understand that starting a tape extension service is no easy feat. We also know that pricing your services can feel like a make-or-break moment - will your prices drive clients in or drive them away? 

This article serves as an easy guide to pricing your tape extension services, though we would always recommend doing your own research on competitor prices around your area, whilst still valuing your work!

This guide will also begin to give you an idea of the costs that come with having a tape extension service, which should help you drive your profit margins up. 

Keep reading, as we break down all the different costs and pricing* recommendations from hair to aftercare! 

*All the prices of products we suggest, and costs you should charge, include VAT. 


Tape extensions consultation pricing 

Most salons, which we recommend, offer free tape extension consultations. This service should include an in-depth dive into the client’s hair type, history and lifestyle, alongside a colour match for their desired new look.  

If you are concerned about no-shows, why not ask for a refundable deposit to secure the appointment? This is a very common practice in salons to ensure clients cancel with notice or attend appointments. 

Download our North consultation card to make sure you find out everything you need to know about your client’s hair and to check whether tapes are right for them!


Tape extension hair cost and pricing 

We suggest that salons charge clients roughly 15% higher than the trade price, for their extension hair. This practice will help your salon increase profit margins for the tape extension service, without breaking the client’s bank. 

This is an example of how pricing your North tape extensions could work in your salon, per pot of hair: 

North Hair

Trade Price (inc VAT)



16” Original Tapes




20” Original Tapes




16” Invisible Tapes




20” Invisible Tapes




16” Invisible Root Glaze Tapes




20” Invisible Root Glaze Tapes




Tape extension installation pricing 

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend charging £50 per pack of tape extensions installed. Some clients may only need half a pack or three packs, so this pricing gives you leeway to manage your time and clients’ needs. 

Some salons may bundle the price of the hair and initial installation together, to make the price easier to understand for their clients. 

Tape extension maintenance pricing

As you’ll learn during your in-depth consultations, some clients may need extra help with the maintenance and upkeep of their tape extensions. One maintenance appointment very common for tape wearers is weekly wash and blowdries. 

What your salon charges for wash and blowdries is completely dependent on your salon and the area you are in. However, don’t be afraid to up the price for your tape clients, as this service may take longer and additional products than your usual wash and blow! 

Tape extension removal and refit pricing

If your client is taking a break from or done with tapes, they will need to be professionally removed. We suggest charging upwards of £25 as a whole charge for tape removal, but this could differ depending on what staff your salon delegates removals to.

If your client has booked in for their 6-8 week refit, you will need to combine both your removal and install prices. For example, £25 removal charge + £50 refit charge (1 pack of tapes) = £75.  

Other costs for your tape extension service

Once you’ve found your perfect tape extension supplier, your salon costs won’t just be pre-purchasing hair for your clients. There will be multiple things that require either a one-time or multiple keep-stock purchases, to keep your extension service running smoothly.

One-time purchases for your tape extension service

Investing in your services is the best way to grow and become successful, and training in tape extensions is paramount. North runs Habia Approved Tape Extension Masterclasses throughout the year, perfect for salons new to the game or wanting a refresher! Read more and book here, for only £214.80 per person.

Colour rings are essential for any tape extension service, otherwise, how will you colour-match your clients? North’s colour wheel costs £60 and offers free, updated colours once new shades are launched. For larger salons with multiple trained stylists, we recommend purchasing two. 

Professional pliers are a vital part of your tape extension kit, for how’re you going to fit tapes without them? North’s professional pliers cost £18 and are essential for every trained stylist in your salon. 

Stock must-haves for tape extension services

Stocking up on replacement tape tabs is never a bad thing to do - imagine being in the middle of a refit and running out! North’s replacement tape tabs come in both a 5-pack (60 tapes) for £10.20 and a 10-pack (120 tapes) for £14.40.

And how can you do a refit or removal, without tape extension remover? Again, this is something you don’t want to run out of. North’s 250ml tape extension remover costs £5.40. 

Find more North-recommended, tape-friendly favourites on our website, here!

Next Steps

You came to this article wondering how to price your tape extension services and what costs you would need to consider. Now, after reading our handy guide, you have a clearer idea of how to price your services and maximise profits. 

At North, we are committed to supporting salons and stylists on their tape extension journey. Give our dedicated customer service line a call at 0161 791 2726 to find out how we can help you! 

Better yet, why not join our co-founder, Charlotte, on one of our Manchester training days? Our Habia Approved tape extension masterclass is perfect for those starting their tape training or as a refresher for seasoned stylists! Call our customer service or head over to the website, here, to find out more and book your next available date. 

For more salon-centred advice, check out our blog, here - including 'How to Introduce a Successful Tape Extension Service in your Salon'


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