Top Colours To Create With North Hair Extensions

Top Colours To Create With North Hair Extensions

Creating colour is one of your specialities! From natural, neutral balayages to brilliant, bright vivids, your weapon is your mixing pot. But with tape extensions being the easiest and quickest way to make a profit in a salon, do you really want to compromise your passion for creativity, just to make more money? 

Well… you don’t have to! Adding tape extensions to your colour services is going to massively increase your profits without ever hanging up your colouring apron. 

At North Professional Hair, we’re your trusted tape extension brand because we’re a team of stylists and hair industry professionals - just like you! That’s why we know that your love for what you do is what fuels your career - not your profits. 

Keep reading to see a variety of different coloured looks that you can create with North tape extensions, created by our amazing North customers… 

Vivid Pink Hair Extensions

We love this striking and vivid pink creation, using North Professional Hair tape extensions. This bright, raspberry pink can be created by hand-dying North colour #600 tape extensions to match the client’s overall colour, or could be dyed a lighter shade of pink for dimensional highlights. 

Image credits: @canningshair (Instagram)

Berry Ombre Hair Extensions

This berry ombre effect using North Professional Hair tape extensions is the perfect moody, autumnal look. Using North Invisible Root Glaze tape extensions in either Intense Ash or Creamy Blonde, you can dye the roots to match the client’s head and ends in this berry purple to add colour without ever dying the client’s hair. 

Image credits: @emmacurran_elysiumhairbeauty (Instagram)

Copper Balayage Hair Extensions

This gorgeous copper balayage is the perfect transitional colour from summer to autumn, adding bright warmth incredibly naturally. For this look, you can add North Professional Hair tape extensions in colour #30R to build on your client’s thickness and length, as well as dimension.

Image credits: @liz__colour (Instagram)

Pink Peek-a-boo Tape Extensions

The peek-a-boo colour trend is sweeping the internet right now and can be created without adding any colour to your client’s natural hair. Instead, this look can be created using North Professional Hair tape extensions, by dying colour #600 tapes and blending them underneath your client’s hair. 

Image credits: @hairbykimchrost (Instagram)

Platinum/orange split-dye 

This split-dye look is still incredibly popular across UK salons, and you can use North Professional Hair tape extensions to add length and thickness to your client’s hair whilst doing so. For split dyes, you will need can dye North colour #600 tapes to match vivid colours or find more natural shades to match your client’s hair. 

Image credits: @chloescarlettehair (Instagram)

Black and white 

This black-and-white layered look was created by North’s own educator, Cameron Dermody. To create this layered look, Cameron did not apply any black dye to the client’s hair, but instead installed North Professional Hair colour #1B tape extensions under a thin veil of the client’s natural hair. 

Image credits: @nichareshairdressers (Instagram)

Creamy blonde 

Warm, creamy blondes are a staple in UK salons and look effortlessly luxurious,  bright and glowy. At North Professional Hair, we have developed the colour #18/22 to blend seamlessly into this shade of hair, to give your client instant volume, thickness and length to such a soft, elegant finish. 

Image credits: @mcqueenssheffield (Instagram)

Rich brunette 

Rich, decadent brunettes are an all-around favourite - matching almost any skin tone, texture and client aesthetic, as well as any season! North Professional Hair tape extensions in colour #2 and colour #4 are the perfect way to enhance these chocolatey tones, adding length, volume, thickness and dimension. 

Image credits: @khhairextensions (Instagram)


A black so dark it’s blue? The best dimensional black shades often have a blue hue to them in certain lights. At North Professional Hair, we’ve developed the colour #1 to be the perfect, multi-tonal blue-black tape extension on the market - ideal for adding dimension, length, volume and thickness. 

Image credits: @khhairextensions (Instagram)


Iced blonde 

Iced, ashy blondes are increasingly popular, with the removal of warmth from the hair looking show-stopping in the light. North Professional Hair’s colour #111 is the perfect ash blonde tape extension to help develop your client’s length and thickness, or to add iced dimensions throughout their hair. 

Image credit: @melaniek_hair (Instagram)

Blushed grey 

With clients not quite ready to embrace their greys, subtle pastel colours can blend into their roots beautifully. This blushed grey creation uses North Professional Hair tape extensions to give the client thickness and volume, whilst keeping their choppy bob. We recommend using our North Invisible Root Glaze tapes in Intense Ash to create styles like this one. 

Image credits: @chloescarlettehair (Instagram)

White and dark chocolate skunk dye

Skunk dyes or striped colour blocking is incredibly trendy in 2023 and can be easily enhanced with North Professional Hair tape extensions. Simply choose your client’s two contrasting light and dark colours, and find matching North tape extension shades. For a look like this one, we recommend colour #2 for the dark and colour #101 for the light. 

Image credits: @hairwpenny (Instagram)

Natural balayage 

A natural balayage is the ultimate go-to in salons - an effortless, low-maintenance glam look that adds warmth, light and dimension. Our North Professional Hair Invisible Root Glaze tapes in Creamy Blonde are the perfect extensions to use to enhance this look. 

Did you know that you can also create a balayage effect without using any colour on your client at all? Read our article, here, on how! 

Image credits: @liz__colour (Instagram)

Caramel balayage 

Who said a balayage needs to be blonde? Chocolate caramel balayages are incredibly beautiful, whilst still creating the same effortless, low-maintenance glam look on your darker-haired clients. 

This look was created by our North educator, Cameron Dermody, by adding Professional Hair Invisible Root Glaze tapes in Bronzed Sand to add light and dimension, without adding any lightener or colour to his client’s natural hair. Read how you can create a balayage effect with just tapes, here!

Image credits: @nichareshairdressers (Instagram)

Get your colour on!

You came to this article looking for inspiration on the endless possibilities of creating colour looks with tape extensions. You’ve now seen that every look is possible, with the right skill set and the right tape extensions behind them. 

But what now?

Adding North tape extensions to your colour services is a win-win - it’s going to massively increase your profits, without compromising your love for colour and creativity! 

But beyond North being your trusted tape extension brand and supplier, we’re also lead educators. From helpful articles to in-depth training days, we’re committed to helping our customers build the most successful tape extension services!

To read more educational articles over on the North Blog! If you found this article helpful, we suggest checking out ‘Creating Balayage with Tape Extensions’ and ‘Cutting & Blending Extensions’, for more inspiration on what you can do with North tapes. 

To get the most out of what North educators have to offer, we will always suggest investing in North Training! North training days are perfect for any stylist, with any experience - here you will learn tips and tricks from installation to Instagram marketing. Book onto our next training day, here.
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