How Long Do Tape Extensions Last?

How Long Do Tape Extensions Last?

When investing in a tape extension service in your salon, there are a lot of things you need to know and be able to pass on to your clients to make it successful. One of those things is knowing how long tape extensions last. 

At North Professional Hair, we aren’t just your trusted tape extension brand - we’re a team of experienced industry professionals, with a passion for education. We know that it isn’t just our products which will make you a stellar tape extension specialist, but also the knowledge behind your practice. 

And that’s why we write articles, just like this one!

In this article, you will learn how long tape extension installations and hair last, the importance of aftercare and information on how to make tapes last longer, along with the answers to questions commonly asked by prospective extension clients. 

By the end, you will not only feel confident enough in your knowledge to apply it to your practice, but you will also feel confident enough to share this information with your clients!


How often do tape extensions need to be moved up?

Tape extension installations typically last around 6 to 8 weeks, before the extensions will need to be removed, re-taped and refitted. However, whilst some clients may last longer, the lifespan of an installation is wholly dependent on your client’s individual hair growth rate, lifestyle and commitment to aftercare and maintenance. 

How often do tape extensions need to be replaced?

The actual tape extension hair can last anywhere between 6 months to a year. As tape extension hair is made of human hair, it is susceptible to the same breakage and damage as your own hair. The hair’s lifespan, then, is wholly dependent on your client’s lifestyle factors and commitment to aftercare and maintenance. 

Can tape extensions be reused?

Yes and no. 

The tape extension hair can be removed, re-taped and refitted multiple times - until the hair needs to be replaced. 

However, you will need to remove the adhesive tape tab from the hair and replace it with a new one, each time you want to reuse the extension. 

What will make your tape extensions last longer?

Looking after the tape extensions with the utmost care, following aftercare instructions and keeping up with maintenance appointments will prolong the lifespan of the tape extensions. This may also include changing some lifestyle factors, such as stopping swimming or using sunbeds. 

What will make your tape extensions not last as long?

The aftercare advice you give should help the tape extensions live to their full potential. If your client chooses not to follow this advice, they may be needing refit appointments more regularly and the extension hair replacing sooner than expected. 

Some things that can shorten the lifespan of tape extensions include:

  • Using sunbeds 
  • Swimming and getting the tape extensions wet 
  • Excess heat styling 
  • Using alcohol-based hair products, especially near the root 
  • Sleeping and exercising with hair down and loose 
  • Tying hair up into a messy bun 
  • Avoiding maintenance appointments

What is tape extension aftercare?

Tape extension aftercare is how your client looks after their tape extensions once they have left the salon. It is a set of instructions, and often products too, that will ensure the longevity of their installation and extension hair. 

Tape extension aftercare advice includes, but is not limited to:

  • Attending scheduled maintenance and refit appointments
  • Using salon-friendly hair care products
  • Styling hair in recommended hairstyles 
  • Reducing heat styling 
  • Gently brushing the hair
  • Protecting hair against heat and UV rays 

Can you sleep with tape extensions in?

Yes, you can sleep with tape extensions in. 

When your clients go to sleep, we recommend suggesting that they sleep with their hair in a loose braid, on top of a satin pillow. The loose braid will avoid their hair and extensions from getting tangled, whilst the satin pillow will reduce friction and further tangling. 

Can you shower with tape extensions in?

Yes, you can shower with tape extensions in. 

When your clients shower, they should simply wash their tape extensions as they would their own hair. You should recommend using salon-recommended products and stress that they gently lather their hair, to avoid tangled or breakage. Like with their natural hair, your clients should be sure to rinse thoroughly and only use conditioner from the mid-section to ends. 

If your clients are wanting tips on non-hairwash days, suggest that they wrap their hair in a loose bun, secure at the nape of their neck. 

Can you tie your hair up with tape extensions in?

Yes, you can tie your hair up with tape extensions in. 

Tape extensions do not limit the styles you or your client would usually do with their natural hair - you can do anything you could do previously. However, you should both be conscious of hairstyles that could damage or apply a lot of tension to the extensions - such as messy buns and tight up-dos. 

What now?

You came to this article eager to increase your knowledge on all things tape extensions, and specifically, how long tape extensions last. 

Since reading, you have learnt how long tape installations and tape hair could last, the importance of aftercare and how it can make tapes last longer, plus what can shorten their lifespan. You have also learnt clear answers to clients asking about sleeping, showering and tying their hair up when they have extensions.  

But where do you go from here?

At North, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with a high-quality education, as well as high-quality products. We know how important knowledge is when it comes to providing any service in a salon. We’re committed to making tapes your most successful service, and that’s why we invest so much into our training, educators and articles.

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