Should You Be Charging To Fix Your Clients' Mistakes? Solving Common Tape Extension Problems

Should You Be Charging To Fix Your Clients' Mistakes? Solving Common Tape Extension Problems

When a client walks into your salon with pink tape extensions, after you specifically told them what causes it and what prevents it from happening, you’re a little annoyed. You want your clients to look and feel their best - after all, they are a walking advertisement for your work. 

But are you responsible for fixing the problems that your clients cause?

At North Professional Hair, we are committed to not only being your trusted tape extension brand, but also your trusted industry professional advisors and educators. When you grow, we grow too, and so we’re here to offer any advice we can to help you sustain a successful tape extension service within your salon! 

In this article, we will discuss why you should charge to fix tape extension problems, what you are charging for and what services and products may suit your salon when you do. By the end, you will be confident in your ability to be your clients’ problem-solver and to charge for that service.


Should you charge to fix tape extension problems?

The simple answer - yes! 

If you have properly educated your client on the risks that they could face with their tape extensions, including what causes problems to occur and how to prevent them, then it is their responsibility if something was to go wrong. 

For example, if you told your client that their suncream could turn their blonde extensions pink on holiday, how to wear their hair and what products to use instead, and then they came into your salon a week later with pink hair … that’s on them - your client has caused this problem. 

When you initially do a tape extension consultation with your client, it is best practice to sign an agreement with them stipulating their responsibilities and your lack of, especially when it comes to following your aftercare instructions. This is the best way to cover your own back when problems occur - some of which won’t always be fixable. 

For more information on the importance of completing a thorough consultation and how to use our North Consultation Card, click here

Why should you charge to fix tape extension problems?

You should charge to fix tape extension problems that you didn’t cause because you didn’t cause them. As long as you have properly educated your client on aftercare and the risks they face, their extensions are their responsibility to look after and maintain - and if they need help with that, then they pay you for it. 

As part of your agreement with your client, it is also best practice to stipulate any maintenance and problem-solving services they may need and how much these services cost. Cost transparency, as well as being transparent about responsibility, is incredibly important when building trusting relationships with your clients. 

What are you charging for when you fix tape extension problems? 

When you fix tape extension problems, you are charging not only for the products you need and your time, but you are also charging your client for your expertise in knowing how to rectify the problem. 

Combining these three factors is how salons create their prices for any service, so why should your problem-solving services be any different? Remember, your clients come to you because they trust in your knowledge and expertise - otherwise they would go to someone else!

Problem-solving with Malibu C in the Salon 

The brand Malibu C should be your sidekick when it comes to problem-solving in your salon! 

What is Malibu C?

Malibu C is an earth-friendly wellness brand, used to manage oxidation, minerals and prep the hair for colour and chemical services - making the hair into a clean, blank canvas. Malibu C helps cleanse and detox the hair, and is especially effective for clients with extensions, who swim and for those exposed to hard water. 


The ‘Malibu C Makeover’ service 

The ‘Malibu C Makeover’ is the ultimate remedy for problems your clients may have caused or face, such as colour change and colour fade. It includes 3 products that work together to reverse colour change, brighten blondes and remove brassy tones - as well as removing chemical and mineral build ups on top of the hair. 

The ‘Malibu C Makeover’ is safe for all clients, including clients with tape extensions. 

Crystal Gel treatment 

Malibu C Crystal Gel Treatment is the ultimate build up remover for your clients’ hair and scalp, including their extension hair. This sachet can remove any build up, whether that be mineral, medication or product. 

The gel comes in a sachet that is mixed with 2oz water and is left on the hair for 20 to 45 mins, depending on how often your client receives this treatment, with additional heat making it more effective. 

Un-Do-Goo shampoo

Malibu C Un-Do-Goo shampoo is a staple in many salons - especially salons that have tape extension services. Un-Do-Goo is a gentle, sulphate-free clarifying shampoo that is astounding at removing any product or residue build up - especially anything sticky or greasy left behind from tape extension removals. 

Simply lather the shampoo into your client’s hair and rinse!

Miracle Repair Hair Reconstructor 

Malibu C Miracle Repair Hair Reconstructor is a hair treatment, like a hair mask, made with plant proteins to rebuild and fill in the hair structure after build up removal. This product is the perfect weekly treatment, or to be used after more stripping treatments, to nourish and repair any damaged or weak hair. 

Following shampooing, apply the treatment over the hair like a hair mask and leave for 3 to 5 minutes, before rinsing. For severely damaged hair, leave for 5 to 10 minutes.

How to complete the ‘Malibu C Makeover’ 

The ‘Malibu C Makeover’ is the perfect service to offer your clients looking for a solution to their tape extension problems. 

  1. Shampoo the hair with Un-Do-Goo shampoo and rinse thoroughly 
  2. Mix the Crystal Gel treatment with 2oz water until the crystals in the sachet turn into a gel 
  3. Apply the Crystal Gel treatment in one-inch sections from scalp to ends and leave on the hair for 20 to 45 minutes 
  4. Shampoo the hair again with Un-Do-Goo shampoo, ensuring to remove all of the crystal gel residue, and rinse thoroughly 
  5. Apply the Miracle Repair Hair Reconstructor to the hair, focusing on particularly dry or damaged areas, and leave for 3 to 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly

Retailing Malibu C home treatments as a salon-exclusive product

Not only can you offer Malibu C treatment services in your salon, but you can also retail Malibu C home treatments for your clients to prevent problems themselves. These home treatments are a great way to not only make additional profit, but to also give your clients more autonomy and knowledge on how to look after their own hair. 

Which home treatments do we recommend you stock?

  • Swimmers Wellness Remedy - removes copper, chlorine and other pool chemicals from the hair, which can make it turn green
  • Hard Water Wellness Hair Remedy - removes mineral build up from the hair, from hard water exposure 
  • Malibu Blondes Wellness Remedy - removes copper and iron build up to remove brassy tones and brighten blondes  
  • Wefts & Extensions Wellness Remedy - removes mineral and product build up from synthetic and human hair extensions, to stop oxidative damage

Feeling confident?

You came to this article wondering if you should be charging to fix a client’s extensions when something goes wrong - especially if it was by no means your fault. 

Since reading, we have reassured you that, yes, you should be charging for problem-solving services. You should charge for your time, products, expertise and most importantly, because your clients’ hair is their responsibility to care for (as long as you have given them proper aftercare advice and explained the risks they could face). 

How can we make you feel more confident?

At North Professional Hair, we’re here to offer any advice we can to help you sustain a successful tape extension service within your salon! Part of the advice we offer is to provide you with our North Consultation Cards. 

North Consultation Cards help you fully assess your client’s hair and commitment to the tape extension service, along with an agreement which outlines their responsibilities to its care. You can read more about why these cards are important and how to use them, here

North Consultation Cards are available to purchase in a 20-pack for North customers. Check out our PDF Consultation Card to see if they could work in your salon. 

How do you know what problems your client is responsible for?

A further part of our commitment to helping you sustain a successful tape extension service in your salon is by keeping you up to date with relevant information. 

Our North Blog is full of educational articles, like this one. Learn more about problems and aftercare in these blogs; ‘How To Look After Tape Extensions On Holiday’, ‘Why Are My Tape Extensions Changing Colour?’, ‘Common Tape Extension Problems’ and ‘Tape In Hair Extension Aftercare: How To Care For Your Tapes’. 

Ready to invest in your problem-solving services?

Get Malibu C in your salon! 

North Professional Hair is proud to stock Malibu C Un-Do-Goo Shampoo, Malibu C Crystal Gel Treatment and Malibu C Swimmers Wellness Remedy.
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